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A Premium Take on the Spiked Seltzer Craze

A Premium Take on the Spiked Seltzer CrazeUltra-premium beverage maker, Blue Marble, introduced a line of seltzers using their ultra-premium vodka, and natural flavors. Blue Marble Spiked Seltzers are hand-crafted, gluten-free, and contain only 95 calories, 1 gram of carbs.

Pure Love

Pure Love Spiked Seltzer is flavor-free, making it a great canvas for additions of fruit or herbs. We enjoyed this mellow, refreshing, and slightly sweet seltzer on its own, but can envision adding a slice of lemon or lime or a sprig of mint to make it even more flavorful. Pure Love has a clean finish and is easy to drink right from the sleek 12oz can. Pure Love is a perfect seltzer option for those who don’t like added flavors and still want to enjoy a low-calorie alcoholic beverage that tastes great.

Tropical Retreat

Tropical Retreat is a light and refreshing seltzer with subtle hints of lime and pineapple flavor. With just enough taste to intrigue but not overwhelm the senses, Tropical Retreat would make a great refresher on a hot summer day. The ultra-premium vodka gives this seltzer a clean finish with no after-taste or residue. Compared with other seltzers we’ve tried Tropical Retreat hits the mark for a flavor that we would drink again and again as it is memorable, but not overpowering.

Overall: Blue Marble Spiked Seltzers stand out with premium quality and well-crafted flavor. We like these refreshingly simple and easy-to-enjoy. We also love knowing that a portion of profits goes towards global conservation and environmental initiatives.

For more information visit Blue Marble’s website.

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