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Housui – Water From The Japan Alps

Housui - Water From The Japan AlpsHousui water gets its name from the Japanese word for “treasure,” and they’ve gone the extra mile to make sure this water really is a gem. The appearance of the packaging is immediately striking: Frosted, etched looking white mountains wrap around an elegant slim 1-liter clear glass bottle, with minimal text for an overall clean and crisp appearance…just how you want your water to taste. And Housui water doesn’t disappoint on the flavor front, either. This still water is sourced from a protected aquifer at the base of Mount Tateyama and is officially recognized as one of Japan’s “remarkable waters.” We thought this water was crisp and clean in taste and smell, and we detected no “off” or chemical-like after-taste or odor whatsoever. They say this water has an exceptionally low mineral content, which may account for the clean taste.

Housui - Water From The Japan AlpsOverall, we think Housui Water stands out even in the saturated bottled water market. The packaging alone was enough to pique our interest, and the taste delivered on the promises those frosty mountains on the label seemed to make. Because it comes in a bulky, albeit sleek, glass bottle, it may not be the best for those looking for a bottle to throw into their gym bag or for a quick trip in the car. Housui Water is more perfectly suited for an event or gathering where you’re trying to impress, a picnic or beach day (the cap does screw on and off for relatively easy travel), or for keeping in the fridge at home. Housui also recommends using their smooth, silky water as a pairing for sake, for brewing superior tea, or for pairing with the clean, simple flavors of traditional Japanese cuisine. This is a bottled water for those who want to feel they’re getting the best of the best. Housui Water made us feel like we were really treating ourselves, even when we were just drinking still water!

For more information visit Housui Water’s website.

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