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Pulve – The New Generation Powdered Meal Replacement

Pulve – The New Generation Powdered Meal ReplacementPulve is a drink that comes in powdered form and is suited for those who are always in a rush – athletes, students, and business people – and who are also focused on healthy nutrition. Each meal shake provides you with 500 kcal worth of nutritional nourishment. Pulve holds all the recommended nutrients your body needs to stay strong and fit all day long. Another very important fact to mention is that all the raw materials used in this drink derive from European-based sources. Pulve is VEGAN, GMO FREE and SOY FREE.

It comes in smaller plastic bags or in plastic jars that hold a bigger amount of Pulve. It’s easy to use as it comes with a plastic dosage scoop and a shaker, which are very useful for quick preparation of this liquid meal.

When trying this meal, you can feel a strong vanilla aroma and taste, which is very well matched by the nutty notes coming from the oats. The taste reminds you of hazelnuts. The color of this ready meal is a creamy shade of caramel. Sweetness is provided by glucose syrup and sucralose; the product is sweet and intense, although the ingredient statement states only 1.4g of sugar per 100 g and there is no aftertaste coming from artificial sweeteners. The texture is smooth and slightly greasy, with small particles, which gives a crunchy and chewy feeling in the mouth.

The functional side of this drink is amazing. The blend holds the recommended ratio of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibres and all the vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and sated. It is not only effective but tasty as well. It reminds you of a natural dairy-based milkshake although it is completely Vegan.

For more information visit Pulve website.

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