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Arbikie Highland Estate – Spirits with Rich History

Arbikie Highland Estate

Source for all pictures: Arbikie Highland Estate website

Arbikie is a brand with pretty impressive history. Three brothers are the fourth generation of their family who are making living out of farming. After years of experience, family members have intuition which lets to grow crops who are later been using to produce famous Arbikie spirits. Furthermore, in 2015 Arbikie Highland Estate won Gold medal for Kristy’s Gin and Bronze for Chilli Vodka at San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Kristy's Gin

Kristy’s Gin

700 ml of 43% alc.vol. gin is Gluten-Free to suit for wider range group of people. Transparent bottle with white and purple label is filled with exclusive gin. Softly sweet with a taste of mixed flavors, fruits and berries. A juniper base of Kristy’s Gin is well known taking first couple sips.To ensure the best tasting experience we recommend to mix this product with neutral tonic, which reveals Carline Thistle, Blaeberrys and Kelp. As brochure states, Kristy’s Gin sure does go well with a twist of lemon. Moreover, Kristy’s Gin is perfect for breezy summer evenings due to soft warmth feeling which stays after tasting the beverage.

Chilli Vodka

Chilli VodkaThe Chilli Vodka has dark caramel colour with a little reminder of dark orange. Unique vodka with spicy elements isn’t for everyone’s taste. When you take a first sip, you can feel carbon and smoky taste which is not very common and it really surprises you at first. It seems that you are tasting the coal and smoke savour comes right after that. Although, don’t worry, we meant it in a good way! Enriched with chipotles without any other flavorings added, chilli vodka gives unique taste experience. 43% alc.vol. spirit gives a soft smoky feeling which is felt on tongue when spiciness comes up just in your throat, so this vodka burns your throat instead of tongue. Moreover, smoky feeling gives a soft with just a little bit felt sweetness.

Visit Arbikie Highland Estate website.

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