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Lovo – Sparkling Coconut Water & Premium Vodka

Lovo Sparkling Coconut Water & Premium Vodka

Products are packed into a standard 250 ml glass bottle with a long neck. The paper label says – “Sparkling coconut water & premium vodka” and consists an alcohol content of 4.5 % vol. They’re made with pure coconut water, vodka, citric acid and natural flavorings. In this cocktail was used less than 1% of a natural sugar provided from fruit. Especially the good idea was to choose cocktail which is mixed with vodka, because it is traditionally made by the distillation of fermented grains or potatoes. Pure vodka is creating a quality image of the product, because usually such cocktails are being produced using ethyl alcohol.

After opening the bottle firstly you feel very nice coconut smell and after having the first sip of sparkling coconut water & premium vodka you can feel the well balanced taste of pure coconut which creates a good mouthfeel. The secret of this cocktail is that there is no vodka aftertaste. When it comes to the color – the drink is very light and coconut water provides a natural turbidity, so the appearance could be easily related with coconut taste.

In conclusion the idea of an alcohol drink with coconut water is very perspective. Coconut water is very trendy lately and it is commonly used to moisture reconstruction of the skin, regeneration of electrolytes and as the fat content is very low it could be used without fear for gaining weight. Although the dark side is that according EU regulations no health claims can be applied for drinks containing alcohol.

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