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Caliente Spring launch in China!


– Caliente is a new Swedish brand and a highly unique drink, which makes the international feedback to date pretty amazing, CEO and Founder Thomas Adner says. It includes winning “Best Adult Premium Drink” at World Beverage Innovation Awards 2015 (finalist in two other categories) and “Best New Organic Drink” at Nordic Organic Awards. Thomas has also been chosen as one of four entrepreneur speakers at InnoBev in Verona, April 2016.

Since the market launch March 2015, the company has made an impact in Sweden and with recently closed deals with premium distributors in China, Dubai and Denmark, it’s clear that this sophisticated, yet fiery, drink fills a gap.

The Launch in China

Today we received a joyful message about  the first shipment to China. DrinkPreneur has already tasted Caliente and our impressions you can find on Caliente – a Warming Spicy Drink review. As we have written before, the idea of spicy drink is very new and unique. How the Chinese will respond to a spicy organic premium drink from Sweden remains a secret. In order to introduce Chinese market with Caliente, brand has partnered with two distributors to increase likeliness of success, targeting this huge market from different angels: Neogoma offers a highly modern concept, acting as a social platform for Chinese communities that want to buy directly from European craft brand producers.Meanwhile, Nordic Exquisite Food AB export products from the Nordic countries in close collaboration with producers, and have great ways into the premium and organic segment. The Launch is set for May 2016, so be ready to look for Caliente on shelves!

The Crowdfunding Campaign

It’s only 6 days until the crowdfunding campaign start on 15 March. With the help of  FundedByMe’s platform, Caliente is eager to reach funding for its future plans of going global. For more information about Caliente and news up-dates, please visit the company press room, or get in touch with Erika Ollén: erika@drink-caliente.com / +46 (0)763 17 26 28.

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