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Energy re-discovered – How to boost trust with Millennials

 Energy re-discovered – How to boost trust with MillennialsAlthough present on the beverage market for quite a while, the popularity of energy drinks doesn’t seem to be showing signs of slowing down any time soon.

Statistically, the consumption of energy boosters such as Monster or Red Bull has kept, if not increased its level. However, a pattern has been emerging – one that could have great impact on the way we understand the relationship Millennials have with this beverage category. If we zoom in on the age factor, what pops up is the difference in the consumption among the younger vs the older Millennials. Age 27-37 Millennials have increased energy drinks consumption (29% said they drink more and 22% said they drink less), while the younger generations of 18-26 have actually decreased (27% said they drink less while only 16% said they drink more).

And while the biggest names in the industry continue targeting the younger members of this category, the real wave of opportunity might just be in a less expected age group. The years of first time parenting and career development require a steady level of perkiness needed for success. Yes, the health concern is a major player in their choice making. But that doesn’t necessarily create an issue for brands.

Energy re-discovered – How to boost trust with MillennialsTake Club Mate. Produced and bottled in Germany, this fizzy bottle of wake-me-up is actually a new twist on an old tradition. Yerba Mate has been popular for a very long time all over South America. Known for its high caffeine content and the unique cup it is sipped from through a silver straw, it has been the main go-to drink when your eyes begin to droop and your head hangs heavy. Yet the new refreshing version exploded in the center of Europe. It’s been steadily growing in popularity and spreading to all corners of the Earth, especially on the U.S. hackers’ scene.

Bottom line? Know your consumer. It cannot be stressed enough how important a role understanding your target plays here. And this is exactly what Club Mate did. They made a hip yet versatile drink that appeals to the young hacker generation as well as the slightly older one concerned with health maintenance. The not so high sugar content and energy boosting without the big up and low down that usually go hand in hand with both coffee and energy drinks appeals to the older Millennials, while the weird taste, cool bottle design and that its capability of being the best mixer for a cocktail appeals to the younger ones.

Understanding consumers also lies in the core of Trust Marketing, a tool created from Peter Wennstrom’s Four Factors of Success®. Focusing on unraveling patterns behind loyalty and brand trust, it shines a light on consumer behavior and what influences their decision making. Like Club Mate, we understand that for a successful brand there must always be a connection with the product’s final consumer. This is why we have redesigned our approach and have been achieving astounding results. It is time for you to ask yourself: Is your brand in touch with your consumer? We can help you reach your consumer in a way that builds trust and loyalty.

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