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BerryWhite a Delicious Range of Organic Fruit Drinks

BerryWhite a Delicious Range of Organic Fruit Drinks

In 2011 Berrywhite was founded and introduced to the market by Andrew Jennings. Combining healthy extracts and super fruits Berrywhite was released in four different flavors. Fun fact is that the Berrywhite name came up because of products combination of berries and white tea extract. Right now consumers can choose from 4 different flavours and the drinks can be still or sparkling, so everybody will find what is the most satisfying for their own taste.

So BerryWhite has four different flavors: Pomegranate & Blueberry, Peach & Goji Berry, Cranberry & Guava and Lemon & Ginger. All flavours as we mentioned before can come in still or sparkling form. Today, we are going to review still versions of Peach & Goji Berry and Cranberry & Guava. All products has no added sugar and all have been certified as organic ones. As this drink does not contain any animal origin material, BerryWhite is perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

What is more, Berrywhite has its own foundation in order to support innovative and worthy projects which helps to educate under provided people all across the world. From every sold PET bottle or can company pledges 10 % of net profit to BerryWhite Foundation. Together with Keepod, the company makes huge differences especially in Africa. Due to their pledge more children get ability to learn working with IT technologies.

Peach & Goji Berry

Peach & Goji BerryOrange BerryWhite logo on shrink sleeved PET bottle marks Peach & Goji Berry flavor. Premium organic fruit drink has only 36 kcal, no sugar or caffeine added and not less than 48 % of fruit juices. 330ml PET bottle is filled with orange turbid beverage. The first thing noticeable after opening the bottle is strong peach smell. The first sip is perfectly sweet even though there is no sugar added. Peach flavor is very strong with a little bitter aftertaste.

There are two functional ingredients in BerryWhite peach & goji berry flavor – white tea and echinacea extracts. Organic white tea extract is known as great material for keeping your skin healthy and clean while organic echinacea extract indicates as antioxidant source. Moreover, echinacea extract contains alkylamides which increase immune system strength.

Cranberry & Guava

Cranberry & GuavaBerryWhite Cranbery & Guava flavor is also filled into 330 ml PET bottles with purple logo. The colour reminds wild berries and turbidity which is caused by the extracts enhance the impression of natural berries drink even more. In 100 ml of this beverage you can find only 31 kcal, which is quite small amount  comparing to other soft drinks. Moreover, all sugar comes from natural sources and this is more than enough to have a nice tasting beverage. When it comes to the smell, it gives the feeling that drink should be sweet and with sour cranberry taste and after the first sip you actually can feel the sourness, which comes from cranberry and lemon juices.

Organic Cranberry & Guava beverage is enriched with organic white tea and organic guarana extracts. Guarana is well known as great stimulant which helps to lose unwanted weight and enhance athletic performance. Due to sourness and bitterness this flavor wouldn’t fit for everyone although, it has 51 % fruit juices, so the sourness naturally comes from it.

BerryWhite provides not even great taste, texture, but also functional qualities and community support. It is perfect for any age people looking for organic beverage solution.

Visit BerryWhite website.

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