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Bfresh Spitiko – A Refreshing Greek-Inspired Beverage

BFresh Spitiko - A Refreshing Greek-Inspired BeverageHave you ever been to a Greek restaurant and had their delicious Greek lemonade? Have you ever wondered how to make it yourself at home…without spending hours juicing lemons? Now it’s possible, with BFresh. Their mix-it-yourself beverages make this Greek delicacy convenient, simple, and more accessible than ever! If you can’t take the time for a Greek holiday, this may just be the next best thing. The flavors and processes of their Greek homeland inspired the creators of BFresh, and now they’re bringing the fresh, homemade flavor to you. They’ve created an entire line of condensed beverages made with FRESH citrus that transform into refreshing Greek-inspired drinks…all you have to do is add cold sparkling water! Let’s make sure we have this straight: BFresh is NOT from concentrate. Their process eliminates water by boiling it out, making this a condensed juice product!

Each serving of BFresh is packaged in a sturdy glass bottle with a tamper-evident screw cap, making it easy to throw into a picnic bag or take on-the-go to your next party. The clean, minimal 1 L bottle echoes the fresh and healthful nature of the drink inside. BFresh lemonade comes in a multitude of flavors to meet different taste preferences and dietary needs, making them perfect for serving large groups when you want more than one option available! These refreshing Greek twists on classic lemonade are sure to be a summer crowd-pleaser, and offer some new flavor profiles to our favorite hot-weather standby!

Lemonade With Chios Mastic

The BFresh Lemonade with Chios Mastic is a great option for those looking to watch their calories. This is one of the low-calorie lemonade options offered by BFresh. BFresh, may lack in calories, but it doesn’t lack in taste. The bits of lemon pulp give it that home-made feel. BFresh still does their juicing and zesting by hand! A mild, refreshing lemon flavor.

Organic Lemonade With Agave

Just dilute one-part BFresh Organic Lemonade with agave with four parts still or sparkling water and you’ve got a pitcher-full of delicious, sweet and sour lemonade that tastes fresh from the grove! The agave adds a balanced sweetness without adding any synthetic sweeteners or added sugars! A subtle hint of ginger adds that Greek twist that is special to BFresh products.

Organic Lemonade With Agave And Chili

If you’re looking for a lemonade that will take things up a notch at your next get-together, this is the one! All the delicious, balanced flavor of the BFresh Organic Lemonade With Agave, with an added kick from chili peppers! This flavor still manages to be a refreshing treat that won’t leave you sweating, though! A delicious, tangy lemon treat with a tingly-hot aftertaste!

For more information visit BFresh Spitiko website.

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