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Experience the Power of the Ultimate Energy

Experience the Power of the Ultimate EnergyPerformance Caffeine is the “ultimate energy shot” according to the creators. An all-natural caffeine supplement that comes in a 2 oz. serving, this functional caffeine beverage is only available for purchase by people 18+. This drink comes in a convenient, tiny bottle small enough to fit in even your jean pocket. Its ingredients pack a mighty punch, though. Not only do you get the energy-boosting benefits of caffeine, but Performance Caffeine also includes a whole host of other beneficial vitamins and compounds to improve overall function. For people living busy lifestyles, there’s really no beating the convenience of a 2 oz. energy supplement shot.

This supplement includes Alpha GPC, a nootropic compound that could help improve focus and mood. It also contains Vitamin B6 and 100% of your daily Vitamin C to help boost your immune system! The Vitamin B5 inside aids in alleviating stress and anxiety. So not only are you giving yourself a delicious energy boost, but you could also be soothing your nerves and boosting your immune system and focus! The convenient 2 oz serving size makes it perfect for people who need that extra boost of energy but don’t want to drink a whole cup of coffee or a sugary can of energy drink.

Beast Mode Berry

This sweet berry flavor is more beauty than beast! A tangy-sweet mixed berry taste, this one reminds us of berry flavored gummy candies! We didn’t experience any of the after taste that we sometimes do with caffeine shot supplements, either.

Watermelon Punch

If you’re a big fan of this summer classic, you’re in luck! We rarely see watermelon flavored energy shots, so we were happy to see this one in the lineup. Kind of like Beast Mode Berry, it tastes more like watermelon gummy candies than fresh fruit, but in such a small serving size, we don’t mind the sweetness!

For more information visit Performance Caffeine website.

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