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Fit4Style Protein Cup – One-Of-Its-Kind Post-Workout Drink

Fit4Style Protein Cup - One-Of-Its-Kind Post-Workout DrinkThe Fit4Style Protein Cup is a one-of-its-kind post-workout drink that combines the familiar comfort of a hot beverage with the nutrition you need from your after-workout drink! We were immediately intrigued by the idea of enjoying a hot, nutritious drink on a cold winter morning after our workout. Chances are, you have a morning coffee after your workout anyways! Fit4Style is leading the way with their recipe that packs 21g of protein and amino acids into a soothing hot drink! Their recipe is also vegan.

To make the drink, which comes in a simple, disposable cardboard cup, you just peel back the aluminum seal to reveal the drink powder. Add hot water, stir with the included stirrer, and enjoy! We love the vegan formula, but we wish the packaging was more sustainable! The lids appear to be recyclable, but the disposable cups may not be. The Fit4Style Protein Cup comes in 3 flavors: Salted Caramel, Coffee, and Vanilla. We tried the vanilla flavor for review.

The vanilla-flavored Protein Cup has a sweet, albeit a bit powdery, flavor! We enjoyed the drink, and it definitely left us feeling full for longer than an ordinary hot drink! The ratio of powder included in the cup is good, and creates a drink that isn’t too watered down, so it remains flavorful!

For more information visit Fit4Style Protein Cup website.

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