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New Show Date Release From Sino Pack 2020 & PACKINNO 2020

New Show Date Release From Sino Pack 2020 & PACKINNO 2020In order to prevent and control the new coronavirus infection, and ensure the health and life safety of all exhibitors and visitors, “The 27th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials (Sino Pack 2020)” cum “China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products (PACKINNO 2020)” will be rescheduled to 30 June 2 July 2020 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou.

Turning Crisis into Opportunity with Intelligence

The epidemic outbreak has been unpredictable and has caused a major test for manufacturers. Due to the Chinese New Year holidays and the policy of epidemic prevention and control, employees were unable to resume work. Ways to continue the production line become the key to success in this crisis. A group of pioneers in manufacturing that stand out from the industries has already realized the “new New work force with smart machinery. They have a complete automated production line and intelligent manufacturing system solutions, which can cope with the problem, in meanwhile, guarantee production and labors health, successfully turn ing crisis into opportunity.

Industries believe that intelligent automation will be the mainstream in this new rapid technological development era. Smart production and digitalization become the indispensable step to let enterprises break through the siege, increase production capacity while saving the labor costs.

An integrated platform – Breaking through the difficulties

The four in one exhibition of Sino Pack 2020, PACKINNO 2020, Sino Label 2020 and Printing South China 2020 is a well established comprehensive platform for packaging, packaging products, printing and labeling in South China. It brings together intelligent and automated equipment, green packaging equipment and materials, digital printing and labeling equipment to provide buyers with a one stop solution on printing and packaging.

In response to the epidemic, many companies are re-planning production lines to make the manufacturing process more efficient and safer. Suppliers must seize business opportunities through this exhibition for the latest industry technologies and information. Also, in order to meet the needs of the market and turn crisis into opportunity, more accurate matching services would be provided for the participants.

More Show Highlights:

  • Automation and Smart Packaging

Demonstrate cost-effective, high-quality related products to meet the needs of intelligent production in various industries.

  • Innovative Packaging Materials

Showcase environmentally friendly, sustainable, recyclable and creative packaging materials for cost optimization.

  • Flexible Packaging and Materials

Food, daily chemicals, health products and other markets have strong demand on flexible packaging. Sino Pack 2020 & PACKINNO 2020 showcase the trending flexible packaging equipment, materials and related services.

  • Eco-friendly Takeaway Packages

For food safety and takeaway packaging, the exhibition showcases a variety of environmentally friendly packaging materials and paper container equipment, and also has a forum to analyze industry trends.

  • E-commerce and New Retails

Integrate various packaging and logistics solutions for the expansion of new retail and e-commerce needs.

  • Tech DNA

Unveil new products and focus on four popular trends of sustainable packaging, smart packaging, digitalization, and innovative materials.

This annual exhibition is not to be missed. Hope to meet you during June 30 July 2 2020 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou for more inspiration.

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