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BLVD Sparkling Natural Spring Water – Bottled At The Source!

BLVD Sparkling Natural Spring Water - Bottled At The Source!When you drink natural spring water, you can taste the difference. BLVD Premium Sparkling Water is bottled at the source on the north coast of Tasmania to deliver you a crisp, clean, spring water experience. Imagine para-sailing over miles and miles of untouched rainforests (like the ones covering 40% of the island where BLVD is sourced). The warm wind rushing by as you glide through blue skies. The air is clear and fresh and you feel renewed. Now imagine if your sparkling water could make you feel that way!

Each BLVD drinking experience begins from the moment the bottle enters your hands. Packaged in a weighty glass bottle with the BLVD name imprinted into the glass, this water has an impressive presentation to match the clear, refreshing taste bottled inside. BLVD Sparkling Water is available in 250ml and 750ml bottles. And this isn’t ordinary spring water. This water is pumped naturally from 20 meters below ground, where it sits above a large bed of bluestone. This bluestone serves as one of nature’s purest filtration systems. This is what makes BLVD Sparkling Natural Spring Water special.

When you unscrew the resealable silver cap, you’re greeted by the welcome hiss of a moderate carbonation. We felt that BLVD was “just right” when it came to carbonation. It had a good amount of tiny bubbles without making us feel bloated after drinking! For anyone looking to elevate their sparkling water experience, BLVD delivers true luxury. From packaging to taste, every component of this sparkling water makes us feel refreshed, pure, and clean! And the attractive presentation (the bottle is more akin to a luxury spirits bottle than a sparkling water) makes it a perfect choice for those entertaining or in professional settings trying to impress!

For more information visit BLVD Water & Salacious websites.

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