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Flying Embers – Ancient Root, Modern Elixir

Flying Embers - Ancient Root, Modern ElixirCalifornia-based company, Flying Embers, has created a line of hard kombucha drinks that include flavorful and exotic botanicals as well as a functional adaptogenic root blend! Kombucha, a fermented probiotic tea drink, has become wildly popular in the past several years for its functional benefits and often fruity and delicious flavors! But we’ve NEVER tried kombucha like this…kombucha that can help you get your buzz on! The sparkling drink comes in three unique and delicious flavors, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. Adaptogens are one of the latest health crazes to sweep the nation, and Flying Embers Hard Kombucha doesn’t disappoint in that department, either! The adaptogen blend in their kombucha includes ashwagandha, turmeric, ginger, and astralagus!

Perfect for enjoying at a sunny backyard BBQ, around the campfire, or while unwinding after a long day, Flying Embers kombucha is packaged in attractive 16 oz. “tall boy” style cans with vibrant marbled colors and text differentiating the three flavors.  Every flavor is USDA Organic and has an alcohol content of 4.5%. The company is also committed to giving back, especially after a close encounter with the California wildfires in 2017. They give 1% of their profits back to first responders.  We love this product, and think it’s perfect for the crowds of people who already enjoy kombucha regularly and would enjoy something with a bit more “kick” when they’re trying to party down! It’s also a great, functional alternative to more sugary and artificial hard beverages available. You can enjoy Flying Embers kombucha in three tantalizing flavors:

Ancient Berry

The Ancient Berry flavor was a perfect blend of sweet and tart, and like ALL of the Flying Embers flavors, was full of small, satisfying bubbles! What exactly ARE ancient berries? They highlight their blend of elderberries, goji berries (often touted as a “superfood”), and raspberries. We loved the vibrant purple colors on the can. The tart and sour “fresh berry” flavor come through rather than a sickly-sweet artificial berry that we often find in berry-flavored drinks.  Those who love wine coolers might like this flavor best, and we would definitely consider the flavor and benefits a step above your average wine cooler!

Ginger and Oak

If you’re in the market for a flavor that isn’t TOO sweet (maybe you’re usually a beer drinker), the ginger and oak flavor of Flying Embers is the one for you! There’s a subtle spice from the ginger that adds just the right amount of refreshing zing! We weren’t sure how well the oak flavor would come through, but there’s definitely a woody, botanical note to this flavor that pairs beautifully with the brightness of the ginger! Think ginger ale all grown up! We thought this was the most unique of the three flavors available. If you want to set yourself apart at the gathering, show up with some Ginger and Oak Flying Embers kombucha to share!

Lemon Orchard

The sunny yellow labeling on the Lemon Orchard flavor immediately transported us to a lemon grove in the height of summer. Far from being an overly-sugary “hard lemonade” type drink, though, their lemon flavor also includes lavender, mint, and ginger to give it a refreshing and botanical flavor! Those who love summer shandy style beers would love this flavor! There’s nothing more classic on a hot summer day than lemonade, and for good reason! Now you can enjoy the mouth-watering lemon flavor with added functional benefits and a little extra sass!

For more information visit Flying Embers website.

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