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Fuel Your Body With Rocket Juice

Source: Rocket Juice

Source: Rocket Juice

Healthy beverage production is super important in the drink sector for the past few years. Here is a great example of healthy drink line called Rocket juice. Beverages are pretty innovative and fortified with such super fruits as beetroot, kale, cucumber and ginger. Rocket juice has a nice shaped plastic bottle. The transparency is allowing to evaluate the natural color of all 4 beverages. Paper label is well matched with a healthy concept of the brand. Overall whole line looks like a nice and healthy combination that could match anyone’s taste.

go_greensmall_largeThe Go Green Rocket juice

Apple, cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon and ginger sounds as an interesting combination of vegetables and fruits. After opening the bottle, you can clearly identify the cucumber and ginger aroma combinations, which might seem to be quite unexpected. After having a first sip you can clearly notice that dominant taste is coming from vegetables: spinach, kale and cucumber. Lemon is used of the acidity creation, apple to provide a fruitier second note and it is believed that ginger was added not only as a well-known functional ingredient, but also as a final kick, that gives a very nice accent. These cold pressed juices taste really fresh and definitely can brag about full and nice mouthfeel. Color is absolutely matching the vision that is being created while reading the ingredient list. Nice, turbid and healthy looking juices.

upbeetsmall_largeUp Beet Rocket Juice

– says the beetroot on the label! From the first sight the combination of apple, cucumber and beetroot may not look very tempting, but this rocket beverage denies that. Strong beetroot flavour comes from the bottle, but cucumbers freshness doesn’t let be overshadowed. It’s not so hard to imagine how the beetroot taste like, but the combination of apple, beetroot and cucumber you may be pleasantly surprised. Of course, the dominant taste comes from beetroot, but apple sourness and wateriness of cucumber make the drink lighter in consistency as well as in taste. Brightly red colour with no doubt gives you an impression of beetroots. As we all know, beets are the source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so sometimes the healthy drink may be also a tasty drink.

infraredsmall_largeInfra Red Rocket juice

Apple, Orange, beetroot and grapefruit is another exciting taste to experience. This combination pops with a nice fruity citrus flavor. The dominant aroma is orange with a hint of beetroot. After tasting it you can identify citrus notes of orange and grapefruit and the second flavor coming last is the beetroot. Mouth feel is matching the expectation of cold pressed juices, very full and well combined set of fruits and vegetables. Beetroot is doing a great job while making the drink taste more unique and exceptional. Also this vegetable is responsible for a nice color created. Natural looking pink color is well matching with a whole concept of a drink and of course chosen taste combination.

apple_blastsmall_largeThe Apple Blast Rocket Juice

After opening the bottle the slight ginger aroma reaches your pipes. You can feel the ginger, but it is not too spicy. The flavouring is really appealing and it leads to the even better taste. When you take a first sip of Apple Blast, you can feel the sourness which comes from the apple and lemon juices. Right after that the slight ginger warming comes up and stays a bit longer in the mouth and throat and then sourness comes again. Even though the classical combination of apple, lemon and ginger give a well harmonized mouth feeling. The smooth juice has yellow-brownish colour which associates with all three ingredients. All in all, the idea of adding hints of ginger and lemon to the apple juice highlights its best features and gives a specific, refreshing taste with a spicy notes.

All 4 beverages are going well with the concept together. Gluten free and vegan suitable claims are nice marketing campaign which shows that brand is aware about consumer needs.

For more information visit Rocket Juice website.

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