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Nari Juice – Magnificent Palm Juice Infusion

Nari Juice – Palm juices

One of the latest trends in the market is plant water or sap products. Birch or maple sap is becoming quite a common raw material used in such type of products. Nari drink is even more surprising, there is coconut sap included in the recipe. The coconut water and coconut milk is coming from the coconut itself and the sap is usually being taken from the PalmTree.

After opening a bottle, you can feel a sour flavor reaching your nose. It reminds about refreshing homemade lemonade. Tasting the product you can identify lemon juices and apple juices. The main flavor is coming from the apple and lemon juice is used as a natural acidity regulator which is providing a nice second of lemon. The aftertaste is a very pleasant with a hint of a mint and it is super refreshing. Mouth feel is very full and you can identify that a great amount of juices (60%) is used in the product. The drink contains no additional sweeteners which brings a bit too much sourness, which stays for quite a while in a mouth.

Nari Juice – Palm juicesProduct itself is created using juices not from concentrates, which creates even a healthier image. An interesting thing is that despite the fact the coconut sap is used in the drink, you cannot feel any coconut taste, which was expected before consuming it.

Design of a drink remind tropical brand, which is perfectly related with an idea. Packaging has a nice shape and the 330 ml volume is universal in most of the consuming ways: drinking on the go, drinking at school or work or even refreshing in the beach.

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