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Be-Mocktails – An Alcohol Free Solutions For Your Party

Be-Mocktails - An Alcohol Free Solutions For Your PartyBe-Mocktail is an alcohol-free cocktail of coconut water infused with fruit juices. The Netherlands based brand has three different flavors. Be-Mocktail is a great alternative to fizzy alcohol beverages. Today, I have the pleasure of talking to Conchita Daniël, Founder of Be-Mocktails.

1. How did the whole story of Be-Mocktails start?

I was often tired so i did some studies about healthy food and that’s when i got the idea to create a healthy drink. I developed a juice also based on coconut water called GO! and went to a food and beverage fair  SIAL in Paris  October 2016. People liked the juice but a lot of people told me they miss an alcohol. I also faced some problems with the sustainability of GO! and that’s when i decided to work with another company to create a new drink.

January 2017 I was on my way to a flavor house in Liverpool when i read an article about mocktails in an Easyjet magazine. That is the moment when Be-Mocktails was born.

2. It’s never easy to start beverage business. Did you have any experience in beverage industry before starting Be-Mocktails?

Not really, i developed Go! but i wasn’t satisfied with the outcome so i didn’t launched it on the market.

Be-Mocktails has 3 different flavors. Can you tell us more about them? Are you planning to release more flavors? If so, what kinds?

I created to mocktails with my sister Norita Daniël so that there would be a healthy drink by which you can toast festive and chic. A drink that is glamorous, classy and vegan so everyone can toast.

  • Be Grateful ( coconut water, pineapple, graviola, lime) with a characterful of champagne aftertaste;
  • Be Alive ( coconut water, blueberry, blackcurrant, acai) with a fresh mojito aftertaste;
  • Be Beautiful ( coconut water, pomegranate, gooseberry, aronia) with a classic gin aftertaste.

The mocktails are all a mix of coconut water and super foods so when you drink them you have an energy and vitamins shot.

The name Be Alive, is because of the ingredients in it that are so healthy and energetic you can feel Alive.

The name Be Beautiful is also because of the ingredients in it like for example the Gooseberry well know in India and favorite because of it’s anti-ageing and rejuvenating properties.

The name Be Grateful is also because of the ingredients but also because i feel that you really need to be grateful for who you are and what you have in order to be happy.

I am planning to release more flavors in the future, flavors for men with a whisky or cognac flavor, i haven’t decided on the names yet maybe Be Strong or Be Brave. The Be Mocktails range are made with the independent woman, who likes to indulge herself with luxury things in mind. But they are also for men, I’ve noticed that a lot of men like the Be Beautiful.

What was the biggest difficulty creating and releasing such product to the market?

the biggest difficulty was to raise the money for the first production. There is a minimum quantity i needed to order for my first production so the cost were high. But by the grace of God we made it!

How would you recommend consuming your drinks to gain the best drinking experience?

The mocktails are created to celebrate and enjoy every occasion so I’ve you’ve got something to celebrate do it with Be-Mocktails

If you’re enjoying life in a restaurant, spa, cruise, disco, at home or whatever enjoy it with Be-Mocktails

Our slogan is 0% alcohol, 100% shine.

It is crucial to know your competitors. Who do you think is the main competitor for Be-Mocktail brand?

The mocktails are 100% natural, vegan and not from concentrate but from real fruit juices and coconut water. They are an alternative for a glass of wine, champagne, cocktails but also a glass of water or just a juice if you don’t want to drink alcohol but want to toast festive.

There’s not such a product in the market yet. So despite there are competitors  we don’t have a direct competitor but our aim is to be drunk more often than Coca Cola and to become better known than Coca Cola.

It seems the whole marketing is dedicated to women. Who is your target market?

The mocktails were indeed created with the independent woman who likes to take care of herself , is conscious about her health and likes luxury things in mind but men can drink them also.

What is your advice to other beverage startups?

The road can be difficult, but never give up, just keep on moving. Seek help, learn from people who are already in the business.  When you fail, find out what went wrong and try again. It will be worth it.

Glamorous, Healthy and Sweet, with Be-Mocktails you can have it all!

For more information visit Be-Mocktails website.

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