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The world’s first 100% natural ‘mocktail’ energy drink -Poizon

girl11The world’s first 100% natural ‘mocktail’ energy drink, named ‘Poizon’. This carbonated beverage provides the boost of energy that consumers want without the added chemicals and sugars that are found in most artificial alternative drinks currently on the market.

Made with over 11 powerful herbal extracts, ‘Poizon’ is energy, based in Nature! Using a specialist blend of natures most potent extracts including Aloe Vera, ‘Poizon ‘has been proven to improve stamina, increase focus, and provide hours of safe, effective energy. Not only has the drink been proven to provide energy, but because it’s made from a range of natural ingredients, it’s actually healthy for the body, which sets the brand new drinks worlds apart from other energy drinks! The comprehensive range of natural ingredients and extracts include:

Whether it’s for studying students, professionals working long hours, athletes needing a little extra boost in their performance or even to keep you partying all night long, ‘Poizon’ provides the energy kick needed to ‘get the job done’ without filling our bodies with artificial chemicals and manufactured sugars!

• Guarana, which provides a strong, all-natural caffeine boost.

• Ginseng, which provides energy, and has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries

• Milk thistle, believed to protect the liver against toxins and alcohol.

• Tribulus terrestris, used by Ayurvedic medicine to boost physical and sexual strength.

• Gingko, used to enhance memory and concentration

• Goji berry, traditionally used to boost the immune system.

• White tea, a source of energy and very high in antioxidants.

• Inca berry, another powerful antioxidant and traditional medicine, and

• Aloe vera, which supports digestive health

Poizon’s offers drinkers a tantalising blend of real fruit juices reinforced with energy producing natural extracts. Made without alcohol, the new ‘mocktail’ is a refreshing burst of energy from Mother Nature herself and is a fantastic alternative to use as an alcoholic mixer.

‘Poizon’ started out as a desire to create an energy drink that was all natural, provided real sustained energy, and tasted great too. Director and Founder Saran Sathiyadurai commented:

“After months of taste testing and formula tweaking, we finally hit the mark and created exactly the drink we wanted! We decided to add Aloe Vera to the formula too and it was then that I knew that we had created the worlds first 100% perfectly natural ‘mocktail’ energy drink”

Set to change the way the world thinks about energy drinks, ‘Poizon’ will soon be available to buy in major drink outlets across the country during the summer 2014. The new ‘troxotic’ flavour is a revolutionary fusion of both the exotic and tropical world – a perfect mixer to transform a mocktail to a cocktail! For more information and details on how retailers can put ‘Poizon’ on their store shelves, please visit the official website at http://www.poizondrinks.com.

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