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Steinsieker, Calcium to drink for fit and strong bones

95c1c6fef7Steinsieker is the Calcium richest mineral water worldwide and was being presented at the Gulfood 2014 in Dubai for the first time. The Calcium Mineral Water is exclusively bottled in Germany and is exported by A.R.Engel, Bonn/Germany, the sole exporter worldwide.

Calcium Health Benefit from Nature
Steinsieker offers a unique mineralization with 620 milligrams of natural Calcium per liter. One liter or one bottle already covers 62% of the required daily Calcium of an adult. Steinsieker’s Calcium richness results from the specific geological formation around Steinsiek, a former spa town on the edge of the Teutoburg forest in the heart of Germany. The Calcium is 100% natural and arises from an artesian spring. This unique mineralization with the Calcium richness, and the gentle carbonation give Steinsieker its well balanced body and its refreshing taste. Everyone needs Calcium as the human body cannot produce it. It is the essential mineral for strong and healthy bones. A.R.Engel provides Steinsieker in a light and elegantly shaped PET bottle with an excellent carbon food print.

Bottled in Germany – Made in Germany
Steinsieker is a successful premium brand on the German market. Mineral water is perceived in Germany as a trendy health drink with its zero calories. Its popularity is reflected by a per capita consumption of 140 liters per year.

imagesMade in Germany fully applies to Steinsieker as it is exclusively bottled in Steinsiek/Germany. The German Mineral and Table Water Regulation (MTVO) requires that a natural mineral water such as Steinsieker must be bottled directly at source into the bottles for the end consumer without any chemical treatment. Steinsieker as the Calcium champion is recommended by doctors in Germany and is one element in the therapy of osteoporosis in renowned German hospitals. Osteoporosis or bone loss is a major health issue worldwide and strongly increasing in the Middle East.

For Steinsieker there is a growing market potential due to the expanding number of people who want to prevent osteoporosis (bone loss) and due to the worldwide trend towards a healthy lifestyle.


Source: Gulfood website

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