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Panacea Water Kefir – Gluten Free And Dairy Free Innovation

Panacea Water Kefir – Gluten Free And Dairy Free InnovationWater kefir is a new category in the beverage market. This is a refreshing functional drink, naturally carbonated and made using active cultures. This is definitely a very interesting product to sample. The entire product line is packaged in classic simple glass bottles. All of them have a clear and informative label that provides information about the creator of this innovative product along with all the important certifications such as gluten free and dairy free. All these drinks have a similar appearance of natural turbidity.

Panacea Water Kefir – Gluten Free And Dairy Free InnovationRose Flavour

Just after opening the bottle, a strong but pleasant rose aroma can be noted. This offers a very natural floral note. The taste is not too sweet and relies on natural fruit extracts. The flavour is milder than the aroma, and a slight appearance of sediments can be seen due to the natural active cultures. There’s no hint of lemon’s tang, but it would be great to add a hint of lemon juice, just for a more pronounced flavour.

Panacea Water Kefir – Gluten Free And Dairy Free InnovationProjito Flavour

The aroma is not as strong as the rose flavour, but it is possible to identify the citrus notes. After tasting it, hints of fresh garden mint and lime can be noticed. The longer-lasting taste that lingers on the palate is one of garden mint for a fresh herbal note. There is a slight appearance of sediments, which are lighter than in the rose drink.

Panacea Water Kefir – Gluten Free And Dairy Free InnovationGinger One Flavour

After opening the bottle, one notices a slight, delicate ginger aroma. The taste is definitely much stronger than the aroma, with a strong and active ginger note delivering a spicy kick. Due to the higher amount of ginger, the colour of the drink is slightly yellow and it appears turbid. The sweetness is not too strong and it delivers only 7.9 kcal per 100 ml.

An absolutely new category appearing in the market is a surprise for consumers who have to adjust their tastes to innovative solutions.

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