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Rejuvenation Water – Apple and Mint

Rejuvenation Water – Apple and MintRejuvenation water is made from spring water that is enriched with amino acid. L–Glutamine is an essential amino acid needed by your body in large amounts and is well known for fighting cancer and high blood sugar. In addition, it promotes muscle growth and improves memory, focus, concentration, metabolism, and cellular detoxification.

Rejuvenation water is packed into a nicely shaped plastic bottle with a wide neck, which is very comfortable to use. The label is very minimal and informative; you can find all the information about the flavours and claims on the front label, including a notice about the drink winning the Great Taste 2016 award.

After opening the bottle, you can smell a strong green apple flavour with a hint of mint. The colour is very slightly turbid and is reminiscent of natural apple juice. Tasting the beverage, you can feel sweetness from natural sugars, stevia, and juices. There is a slight aftertaste that is characteristic of stevia. The main flavour is apple and the second note is refreshing mint. Only natural flavours, colours, and juices are used in this drink. The drink is missing a slight sourness, which would make it more balanced.

This beverage contains only 12.4 kcal per 100 ml and matches all possible healthy lifestyle trends.

For more information visit Rejuvenation website.

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