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Nutrient-rich Dairy Ingredients for Successful Finished Products


Nutrient-rich dairy ingredients for successful finished productsEpi Ingredients – the dry ingredients division of dairy cooperative Laïta and one of the world’s dairy ingredients experts – is building upon milk’s nutritional density and versatility to provide healthy and natural ingredients going beyond basic nutrition. The company is committed to offering solutions that are both nutritious and easy to incorporate in a variety of applications without sacrificing taste or texture.

Thanks to the company’s expertise in dairy processing as well as its tight control over the entire value chain, Epi Ingredients can supply products that consumers can trust. Dairy has been part of the human diet for centuries and over 80% of the population are still consuming milk and milk products.

“In this context, we are seeing great potential for our premium dairy ingredients and we are striving to develop innovative solutions that will resonate with modern consumers’ appeal towards ‘all-natural’, ‘clean-label’ products”, explains Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager at Epi Ingredients.

At FIC 2017, the company, who is aiming to strengthen their leading position in the global dairy ingredients market, will turn the spotlight on its dry dairy ingredients offering. Ranging from commodities such as SMP, caseinates, whey powders and buttermilk powder, to value-added specialty solutions such as infant-grade premium SMP, fermented dairy powders and milk replacers (low-fat or high-fat options), these dairy-based ingredients all have Epi Ingredient’s commitment to transparency and product excellence in common.

Nutrient-rich dairy ingredients for successful finished productsOne of the highlights of the show will be EPILAC Powders, the company’s unique range of all-natural premium fermented powders – yogurt powder, quark powder and fermented milk powder.

Offering a strong yet pleasant dairy flavor, their exclusive functional properties make them a true asset in developing innovative yet indulgent food and beverages. They are indeed designed to enhance both taste and texture in numerous applications such as chocolate, ice cream, frozen yogurt as well as fillings and icings for bakery products.

Beyond these functional and organoleptic attributes, some of the EPILAC powders might be an interesting option to consider in formulating nutritional products, as they contain the same live bacteria (Streptococcus thermophilus et Lactobacillus bulgaricus) as the ones found in yogurt.

The company-wide dedication to quality enhancement was rewarded with the recent certification of the baby nutrition offering of Even Santé Industrie, the health and nutrition division of Laïta, by Chinese authorities. In light of this approval, the company will also feature its infant nutrition portfolio at the show.

Their solutions range from bulk ingredients to ready-to-market finished products, both in dry and liquid formats. “In the highly regulated infant nutrition arena, our mission is to alleviate the complexity for our customers to create both compliant and nutritionally complete products”, explains Mathieu Lucot. “With a dedicated team of experts here to support them every step of the way, they can substantially improve their time-to-market and launch successful products in no time.”

Source: Epi Ingredients

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