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UMÀ – Fresh Taste Created by Parisian Entrepreneurs

UMÀ - Fresh Taste Created by Parisian EntrepreneursUMÀ is a range of 100% natural iced teas and infusions, with flavours sourced from plant, spice, and fruit infusions and sweetened with honey. The entire product line is free of colouring, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners, as well as low in calories.

The company has been created by two young Parisian entrepreneurs Paul & Simon. UMÀ’s owners guarantee products made from high-quality raw materials, grown and harvested using traditional methods from around the world. Ingredients come from supply chains developed with agricultural cooperatives that practise responsible farming, and each product is packed in a 250 mL glass bottle with a clean, clear paper label.

UMÀ Energy is a natural energy drink with an interesting list of ingredients—kola nuts, borage flowers, and turmeric—that form a telling picture of the product. Whereas Kola nuts are a natural source of caffeine, Borago officinalis is an edible flower known for its soothing digestive properties, and turmeric is a trendy antioxidant that gives the drink its slightly turbid colour. After opening the 250 mL bottle, each of which has only 50 mg of caffeine, you can smell the herbal aroma with hints of natural honey. Naturally fermented, the product is slightly carbonated, which soon gives way to the sourness of the lemon juice and sweetness of the stevia and honey. The drink’s most prominent tastes are of honey, second only to herbs. The drink is neither irritating nor overly sweet, but well balanced and with an interesting flavour.

UMÀ - Fresh Taste Created by Parisian EntrepreneursUMÀ Black Tea is an infusion still drink made using black tea leaves, black pepper, lemon, honey, and lemon juice, for a unique aroma that cannot be separated into distinct notes. Its chief taste comes from the black tea, followed by the taste of honey and finished off with a slight note of lemon. The drink’s color—brown, with slight turbidity and sedimentation—is characteristic of freshly brewed black tea. Overall, the beverage contains only 17 kcal per 100 mL.

UMÀ Rooibos contains an exciting list of ingredients, including rooibos tea, cinnamon, rhubarb, honey, and lemon juice, whose notes are difficult to distinguish because the total flavor is so rounded and balanced. Overall, the drink’s aroma is sweet and sour, with a sweetness carrying a note of honey, backed by herbal notes from the rooibos tea. The beverage’s color is turbid orange, due to the cinnamon, and its chief taste definitely comes from the rooibos tea, followed by honey and slight notes of cinnamon and rhubarb. Each drink contains only 17 kcal per 100 mL.

UMÀ’s entire line is well rounded and balanced with unique flavors. Its trendy products have not only sweetness and low kcal content, but also only fresh, all natural ingredients.

For more information visit UMÀ’s website.

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