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Waka Instant Coffee

Waka Instant CoffeeWe’ll be honest. We didn’t have the highest hopes when we sat down to taste Waka Coffee’s instant coffee. Don’t get us wrong, we WANTED it to be good. But we’ve yet to try an instant coffee that we would choose over regular coffee, even in a pinch. Then we tried Waka Coffee. This is seriously good instant coffee and tasted just as good to us as our usual fresh-brewed cup. Seriously!

Both the regular and decaf coffees were rich, nutty, and full of flavor. They’re doing instant coffee right by using 100% arabica beans that they freeze-dry in order to preserve that delicious coffee flavor and aroma. Waka is only available in two varieties: decaf or regular, but the taste is so great that we don’t mind that they’ve kept to the basics with their flavor range. Waka Coffee is a perfect solution for those mornings where you’re running out the door or when you need an afternoon pick-me-up at the office. Just add hot water and stir. We even went rogue and tried mixing it with cold water for an iced coffee and it tasted delicious–just required a bit more stirring (which is fine since it’s not how the product is INTENDED to be used).

Waka has also made instant coffee even MORE convenient by offering their brew in single-serve packets (perfect to throw in a pocket or purse) as well as 3.5 and 8 oz bags. The single-serve packets contained just the right amount to make a medium-sized cup of coffee and left us satisfied!  Their earthy, simple, brown-paper style packaging is attractive and appealing, and the use of brown or blue labels on the decaf and regular ensures you won’t get the two confused (a deadly error!) We also love that with Waka you can feel good about your morning cup of joe. Waka donates 4% of their profits to clean water projects around the world!

For more information visit Waka Coffee’s website.

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