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Water Works – Great Tasting Better-For-You Beverages

Water Works - Great Tasting Better-For-You BeveragesWater Works is a creative water company that offers unique flavored and infused waters in sustainable packaging. For those looking for a more ethical and eco-conscious solution to traditional bottled water, these waters offer an easily transportable option! Each of their four flavors (Cactus Water, Watermelon Water, Aloe Coco Water, and Still Spring Water) come in a 100ml paper box, similar to the paper milk cartons you may remember from grade school. But these are much more stylish! Each flavor has an accompanying bright and juicy illustration that looks appealing on the shelf. And they offer the convenience of a plastic cap which screws off and on, unlike those old milk cartons.

These waters do have added flavors, but they’re never from concentrate, and they don’t contain added sugar, only natural sugars! For water purists, they have their still spring water, which is just what it sounds like: pure spring water, no bells or whistles. If you’re looking for functionality in your drink, these aren’t the MOST packed with superfoods, but their various water sources, like cactus and watermelon, do have some extra benefits! The lightweight, eco-friendly packaging is a huge selling point for us, and we can easily see ourselves throwing these drinks into gym bags, beach bags, and in our lunch for the office. A definite upgrade from boring old bottled water. We even see potential for use in mixers and cocktails!

Cactus Water

Prickly pear, a type of cactus, has been a popular flavor in the past few years. It’s sweet, tangy, and delicious! And this water is no exception to that flavor profile! The Cactus Water flavor has a refreshing, fruity taste. And it’s actually a lower sugar option than coconut water! It’s made by blending water, prickly pear juice, pomegranate and lime juices, and natural flavors. You won’t notice the beautiful pink hue in the box, but poured over ice into a glass it looks beautiful!

Watermelon Water

Another pink beauty that won’t FULLY be appreciated unless you pour it out into a glass, this one has a pure watermelon flavor that isn’t at all synthetic or overly sweet! Probably because all they’ve included in the recipe is water, watermelon juice, pomegranate and lime juice, and natural flavors. Watermelon juice is an excellent option for those looking to replace electrolytes after a workout who DON’T want a sugar-filled sports drink. This was our favorite flavor. Juicy, refreshing, and hydrating.

Aloe Coco Water

A more recent addition to the Water Works lineup, the Aloe Coco flavor is subtle and clean. We think people who enjoy unflavored coconut water will enjoy this flavor. They’ve blended together coconut water and pulp free Aloe Vera to create a drink that really does feel more hydrating than regular water. We’re not sure there’s science to back that up, but we certainly feel like our thirst was quenched.

Still Spring Water

This flavor really requires no explanation. The box for this flavor is bright blue, contrasting with the neutral brown paper color of the other boxes and making it easy to pick out on a shelf or in a cooler. The water is crisp and clean in flavor, and you don’t taste a “paper” flavor from the packaging, which we were concerned about.

For more information visit Water Works website.

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