Any advice you could give on starting online beverage business?

We are looking into starting online business in healthy drinks. Are there brands/manufacturers that consider drop shipping? Any other advise you could give on starting online business in this industry?Any advice you could give on starting online beverage business?

In general, it is a very early stage for beverage ecommerce in Europe. The main problem is logistic cost. Until it is not fully solved – beverage industry is stuck in the middle ages. Due to this fact, I would be very careful with beverage ecommerce. For the moment, it is only as an extra sales channel.

Beverage co-packers are not accustomed to drop shipping. I believe there is no economic logic for them to start this as an additional activity. Co-packers are interested in the production of bigger quantities and selling them at once. However, as an alternative you can use order fulfillment companies for that.

To sum up, I believe that now online sales can be as an extra sales channel for beverage brands. Eventually it will grow bigger, however, on-trade/off-trade is still king of the town.

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