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Celebrate Menopause with a Glass of Mood Swings Wines

Celebrate Menopause with a Glass of Mood Swings Wines

First of all, I would like to say that your product name is very unique and interesting. Can you tell us how Mood Swing Wines started? It..


Packaging Innovation Is A Major Marketing Tool For Brand Owners

The beverage category is one of the most vibrate and active consumer categories. Beer, water, wine and carbonated soft drinks have been particularly active over the last twelve..

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BiPro USA Announces New Protein Water Product

It’s now easier than ever to enjoy BiPro USA’s clean protein while on the go. The protein brand today introduced portable BiPro Protein Water, which comes in two..

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SMIRNOFF Vodka Celebrates 75 Years Since Co-Creating the Moscow Mule

Cocktail trends come and go, but no vodka cocktail is more iconic than the Moscow Mule. Today, cocktail menus across America feature the Moscow Mule and creative variations of the..

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Survey Reveals Drinkers Seek More Low-Calorie Alcohol Beverage Options

With more and more American drinkers seemingly becoming focused on their wellness and active lifestyles, the face of happy hour may also be changing for good as more varieties of..

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Drink’n’Dream with Good Night Relaxation Drink

Good Night is a new, lightly carbonated beverage specifically developed to relieve stress and improve quality of sleep. If you have a tough day, just grab a can of Good Night, and..

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