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Flavor Trends: Balancing Health and Happiness in 2018

Flavor Trends: Balancing Health and Happiness in 2018There’s something in the air: consumers are seeking out healthier lifestyles. Consequently, they are adopting consumption habits that are having a huge impact on the food and beverage products market. They want to eat well while enjoying themselves, too. They like new things but can’t bring themselves to let go of the classics.

The ultimate goal of their pursuits is balance. When it comes to new flavor sensations, manufacturers must be constantly overflowing with ideas in order to entice consumers.

Here’s a sneak peak at the four main flavor categories we can expect to see in the grocery aisle this next year.

Power through the day

Flavor Trends: Balancing Health and Happiness in 2018

Seaweed is in! The nutrition craze has given rise to more products with flavors taken from foods that are valued for their health benefits. This is why we saw many products with “functional flavors,” such as coffee, maple syrup, and wild berry over the past year. For this same reason, seaweed, blue corn, and coffee berries will soon be a part of this craze. Water and functional beverages will have flavors inspired by these up-and-coming superfoods.

Fuel flavors: Coffee fruit & Pomegranate – Prickly Pear – Raspberry & Pink Pepper – Maple & Blueberry

Over the top

Even though healthy nutrition is preferred, having a real dessert every so often is allowed. The decadent dessert trend has never been stronger in the tasty treats section. The variations are endless: waffles, brownies, cakes, ice creams, and more. Ever-more adventurous combinations with multiple layers and all sorts of toppings are being offered. Chopped nuts, salted chocolate chunks, sour candies, toasted marshmallows, cookie crumble, whipped cream…  the extreme flavor combinations are limitless!

Crazy Sweet flavors: Choco-Coco Tornado – Super Crazy Breakfast – Triple Pie Cake Fantasy – Hazelnut-Choco Dream Waffle – Candy Storm

When citrus and luxury collide

Flavor Trends: Balancing Health and Happiness in 2018Increasingly exposed to travel, consumers are more open to and curious about foods from distant places. They want to experiment! This year, classic lemon is taking a back seat to its more exotic cousins: new citrus. From California to Asia, the range of citrus fruits is piquing consumers’ curiosity and allowing them to travel with their taste buds. Just one sip of lemonade made with pink lemons—with their flavor that is floral, sour, and fruity all at once—will transport them to a sunny patio in San Diego. New citrus flavors promise warmth, wonder, and most of all, something worldly.

New Citrus flavors: Yuzu – Etrog Citrus – Lime Finger – Blood Orange

Simplicity at its finest

Every year, new flavors steal the spotlight with their striking originality. Bold consumers are enticed by the newest popular flavor. But sometimes, out of caution or a need for something familiar, they simply prefer looking to a classic, a sure thing that will never disappoint them. The following traditional flavors have made a strong comeback: mom’s comforting tomato sauce, the refreshing taste of sliced cucumbers as a snack, the creaminess of avocado… Some flavors just can’t be outdone!

Simple Flavors: Creamy avocado – Rhubarb – Banana – Cucumber

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