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How The Right Uniform Helps To Promote Your Brand Values

How The Right Uniform Helps To Promote Your Brand ValuesPromoting your brand and your values can take many different forms. From advertising to promotional offers there are a wealth of options to keep in mind.

Whether you’re promoting in a bar or a trade event your staff uniforms can play a huge part in effectively promoting your brand. Coupled with fantastic service and engagement with the public the right uniform can work wonders in helping to promote your offering.

With so many options for hospitality uniforms to choose from what should you keep in mind when putting together a uniform that will aid your promotion?

Understanding your values

Before you start planning your promotional tactics or designing branded uniform elements you need to think about the sort of brand you want to promote.

Who is the target demographic, what sort of establishments are they likely to visit, and how best can you catch their attention?

Understanding these points can build a foundation for the choices you make when it comes to branded uniform elements, as you have a better understanding of the sort of options you should pursue.

Promoting in a bar

Bar staff need to wear something that reflects their surroundings. This means complementing the type of establishment they are in and the brand or business they represent.

When promoting your brand, especially through a piece of branded work-wear, you need to think about something that fits in within existing uniforms while still promoting your brand.

For example, if you are trying to promote your brand in a stylish cocktail bar the staff uniform might be more formal or perhaps involve accessories like an apron. If you need to promote a new drink or brand capitalizing on something like an apron can be a great starting point. A branded apron doesn’t necessarily disrupt the overall uniform look too much, retaining the high end feel of the bar but also providing an unobtrusive additional bit of branding to the uniform.

Perhaps you’re trying to promote a new drink in a student’s union bar. This is often a much less formal and much more crowded venue. Keeping staff comfortable usually means the uniform is quite relaxed, in this case this might mean the uniform consists of jeans and a polo shirt.

How The Right Uniform Helps To Promote Your Brand Values

A properly branded polo shirt can again highlight your brand and fits in within the more relaxed atmosphere of the venue.

Promoting at events

How you promote your brand to paying customers on a night out will likely differ from how you promote to potential partners at a trade show or event.

The focus on your brand is much greater, so your uniform for your staff needs to properly reflect your business.

There’s less of a focus on providing a branded uniform element that matches to another location such as a bar. Instead you need to choose the uniform elements that best reflect your brand. Are you trying to promote a fun product? Or perhaps something that is seen as more luxurious?

Finding the right uniform options can help to accentuate this. For example, brighter colours and more relaxed styles of clothing are perfectly suited for showcasing a more fun product. Whereas something more subdued and stylish such as a suit can give off a much more refined, high-end feel.

During a trade event you should keep in mind that if you are operating a stand for instance, you have much more marketing collateral to draw upon.

This means that your uniform isn’t the sole element of your promotion and can be designed in a way that fits in with and accentuates the rest of your marketing.

Your choices of uniform can help to reiterate, highlight and underpin your brand values The right uniform can provide a unifying point between your other marketing efforts and help to present a more cohesive message to your customer.

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