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The Top 10 Most Expensive Cognac Bottles of All Time

The Top 10 Most Expensive Cognac Bottles of All TimeIf you have ever had the pleasure of sipping on a Sidecar or Sazerac, then you have tasted the pure, flavorful essence of cognac…

However, unless you have ever sipped on a glass of just straight cognac you have probably never experienced the luxurious flavors of an expensive cognac.

This variety of brandy is named after the town of Cognac, France and is produced in the surrounding wine-growing regions. The flavor varies; however, the most common flavor characteristics are caramel, vanilla, fruit, honey, a combination of nuts, and/or various other spices.

While even a lower end bottle of cognac still provides a delightful taste for most, the true, flavorful essence provided by a more expensive bottle of cognac is better suited for the cognac enthusiasts…

While you might need to head over to credit card manufacturers for a new credit card before purchasing one of these bottles, these top 10 most expensive cognac bottles are sure to provide a flavor profile and experience like no other:

10. Hennessy Ellipse

Boasting one of the most well-known names in cognac production, Hennessy offers this product bottled in an updated version of the classic Thomas Bastide crafted Baccarat crystal decanter.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Cognac Bottles of All Time

Online, this bottle will cost you anywhere from $12,000 to $13,000.

9. Hardy Perfection 140 years

Made by the legendary Madison Hardy, this bottle of expensive cognac comes in at ninth place. Madison Hardy has been famous for their cognacs since 1863 and this bottle is no different. Specifically, the Hardy Perfection 140 years is the oldest known unblended cognac in the world.

It will set you back upwards of $13,000 to enjoy one of the 300 limited bottles produced.

8. Camus Cuvee 5.150

Camus Cuvee 5.150 was the fifth release in cognac maker Camus’ master collection. With only 1,482 of these bottles made, the crystal decanter is also accompanied by two tasting glasses. This specific cognac features a blend of five distinct and rare eaux-de-vie from five different regions.

A bottle of Camus Cuvee 5.150, released to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary, will cost you about $13,500.

7. Rémy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII

Named after King Louis XIII, the Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII features a highly structured taste. Only 775 decanters of the flavorful cognac were released. With flavors such as chocolate, spice, leather, oak, and creamy honey, this is a liquor you don’t want to miss.

You can make a bottle of Rémy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII yours for a retail price of $16,000, however, it can sell for as high as $55,000.

6. Remy Martin’s Louis XIII Grande Champagne Très Vieille Age Inconnu

Remy Martin secured yet another spot on the top 10 most expensive cognac bottles with their Remy Martin’s Louis XIII Grande Champagne Très Vieille Age Inconnu. However, there is a significant price jump from the No. 7 on the list.

The highest grossing decanter of this cognac was purchased for $44,630 at a private sale in Hong Kong in 2013.

1762 Gautier Cognac5. 1762 Gautier Cognac

Circa 1840, the 1762 Gautier Cognac bottle is one of the oldest authenticated vintage cognacs known. In 1840, it featured a handwritten label, wax seal, and a driven cork. The makers of this historic bottle of cognac have been in operation since the early 1700s.

Recently, a bottle of this cognac sold to an online bidder – during an auction – for $59,500.

4. Cognac Brugerolle 1795

Napoleon himself was accompanied by a bottle of 1795 cognac on his conquest to rule the world. Considered to be the last of its kind in the world, the bottle sold at an auction for $149,943.

3. Croizet Cognac Leonie 1858

Although it holds a Guinness World Record as the most expensive cognac bottle, it only makes it to No. 3 on this list. A bottle of cognac just like the one that sold in 2011 is said to have been taken out of France during World War II and opened by President Eisenhower.

The bottle sold at an auction for $156,760 in September 2011.

2. Hennessy Beaute du Siecle Cognac

From the same makers as the No. 10 spot, this bottle of cognac features exceptional work and craftsmanship. This $194, 927 decanter is designed by French artist Jean-Miche Othoniel.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Cognac Bottles of All Time1. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

At almost two million dollars a bottle, this cognac is also known as the DNA of cognac. The most expensive bottle of cognac in history comes bottled in crystal, it is 24-karat gold dipped with Sterling platinum and features 6,500 certified cut diamonds as decoration.

Although the price tag might be hefty, if you ever have the chance to try one of these renowned bottles, you might just think you have gone to heaven!

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