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Club Soda Launch UK’s First Ever Mindful Drinking Festival

Club Soda Launch UK's First Ever Mindful Drinking FestivalClub Soda, the mindful drinking movement, has announced the UK’s first ever Mindful Drinking Festival, featuring ground breaking brands like Real Kombucha – the best tasting kombucha (fermented tea drink) on the planet!

The one-day celebration will see Bermondsey Square Hotel, London, transformed into a celebration of the best alcohol-free drinks available, with craft beers, wines, lower-sugar sodas, infusions, and expert mixologists creating concoctions to make you swoon.

The event will also offer festival-goers masterclasses with Real Kombucha. The Real Kombucha tasting table will give people an expert guide to this fermented tea drink,it’s unique flavour and amazing health benefits. Customers will be challenged to discover new way of drinking when you are not drinking alcohol and see that taste nor health needs to be jeopardised.

More and more people are joining the mindful drinking movement, and the demand for tempting alcohol alternatives has never been higher. Club Soda’s Mindful Drinking Festival, is catering for this new mindful drinking trend and curiosity for healthier low and no alcohol drinks. One in four people in the UK are already drinking mindfully and moderately, and sales of adult low and no alcohol drinks are at an all time high.

Club Soda founders Laura Willoughby MBE and Dr Jussi Tolvi said:

”The most common request we get is for ideas about what to drink instead of alcohol, so we decided to curate our favourites and have a tasting festival for everyone!


“The festival is great for those going sugar-free, on a fitness regime, drinking more mindfully, or going alcohol-free. There are many reasons why people may want to swap out a few alcoholic drinks for something a bit healthier.

“This event will give everyone a chance to try out what’s on offer and find a new favourite tipple. Festival goers will get to discover new ways of drinking, like switching to Real Kombucha, as well as mixing a new mocktail, pair foods with alcohol-free beers, or discover the best alternative G&T.

“It will be the first drinks festival where only the glasses get smashed.”

Adrian Hodgson, Co-Founder of Real Kombucha, adds:

“We all know that when you decide not to drink alcohol you are often seen as the odd one out. We also know that taste and health are jeopardised as a result of having to choose something sugary and artificial. Not drinking, or drinking less alcohol, is possible if you have the right options available in the pub or bar you are in. The festival is a showcase of some great options if you are looking for a #DryNotDull night out!”


The Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival in association with Real Kombucha, is hosted by Bermondsey Square and the boutique Bermondsey Square Hotel, on Sunday August 13th from 12 noon to 6pm.

Sponsors include Eisberg Alcohol-Free Wine, Heineken®0.0, Fentimans, Big Drop Brew, Real Kombucha , Botonique, and Highland Spring.

Laura Willoughby MBE | laura@joinclubsoda.co.uk | 07968708703

Adrian Hodgson | adrian@realkombucha.co.uk | 07854636857

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