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Coconut Water ​​Vodka Ready-To-Serve Cocktail

Coconut Water ​​Vodka Ready-To-Serve CocktailCoco21 is not another flavored vodka, it is something new and revolutionary.  Real Coconut Water mixed with Premium Vodka.  Coco21 is the first line of premium ready-to-serve coconut water and vodka cocktails that are all natural, gluten free, low calorie, low in sugar, low in carbs, contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no artificial colors, no preservatives, and delicious in taste!

Coco21 caters to convenience, as it eliminates the need to purchase multiple juices or fruits to prepare a high-quality, flavorful cocktail. It appeals to the wellness oriented consumer with its high quality ingredients that over deliver on taste and function, and offer the perfect spirit compliment to a healthy lifestyle!

Coco21 is a premium, ready-to-serve cocktail, made with pure coconut water and premium vodka distilled five times. Coco 21 is pasteurized, which allows it to stay fresh for over 2 years when unopened.  Even after opened, when kept refrigerated, it keeps the same taste for over a month.  It was essential to Coco21 that their formula included a gluten-free vodka that mixed smoothly with coconut water for clean, natural taste.

They offer four varying flavors, all delicious and low calorie. Original, Pineapple, Cocorita, and Guava. Real ingredients, real flavor, real juices.

Original: This is where it all began. Made with pure coconut water and premium vodka, tastes like you are drinking from a fresh coconut. Under 85 calories per serving.

Pineapple: Refreshing coconut water, natural pineapple juice and ultra smooth premium vodka for a tropical taste. Under 90 calories per serving.

Cocorita: Their twist on the margarita. Real coconut water meets the tartness of lime juice and premium vodka for a fresh new take on the classic cocktail. Under 75 calories per serving.

Guava: Coconut water infused with natural guava puree and premium vodka for the perfect fruity blend. Under 70 calories per serving.

The beverage is meant to be poured straight up or served over ice, but customized cocktail recipes are encouraged too!  Coco21 provides suggested recipes on their website, www.coco21cocktails.com, such as the Basic Coco, Iced Coco Coffee, CocoJito, BubblyCoco21, PinoCoco, SparklingCoco or CocoDessert.

Source: Coco21

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