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Post Show Report of China VMF 2017

Post Show Report of China VMF 2017Built upon the successful experience of last 4 editions, China International Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair 2017 (China VMF 2017) has come to a satisfactory close this March, in Guangzhou.

Gathering Renowned Enterprises and Breaking Record for Trade Volumes

In conformity to the development trend of China’s vending industry, occupying a show floor of over 11,000 square meters, China VMF 2017 brought together 21,080 domestic and oversea visitors and more than 230 manufacturers, suppliers and operators as exhibitors, such as Easy Touch, Ubox, Kubota, TKB, Fuji Electric, Easivend, Kimma, TCN, Xingyuan, Fu Lei, Foxconn, Yinhai Star, Convenisun, LE Vending, Yile, Joyi Vendor, En-snow Group, etc.

Devided into three major thematic exhibition areas: Manufacturer Equipment, Operators & Dealers, and Food & Beverage Suppliers, various of vending machines, integrated systems and supplies, multi-functional self-pay stations, self-service products, terminal monitor systems and so on were displayed on China VMF 2017.

Bustling with business talk and footsteps, China VMF 2017 witnessed numerous contracts signed on site and the birth of a new record for trade volumes and many exhibitors received oversea orders on site.

Multiple Oversea Business Opportunities Came with International Buyers

Hundreds of delegations were sent by oversea enterprises from over 56 countries and regions, including Elektral and SVA Vending and MDV Group c. From Australia, Excalibur Refreshed Ltd and Mr Snap from UK, Henry’s and MasterCard from USA, J2 Corporation and Winz Solution from Malaysia, Glimmering and Vending Dynamics Inc from Canada, Ital expresso from Morocco, Connext Enterprise Pte Ltd from Singapore, FERSOMATIC, S.L. from Spain, OZON Delivery from Russia, perfect Way Vending Machine from UAE, Kinoprokat-Ukraine Ltd from Ukraine, Younda European co from Iran, etc.

According to the result of our questionnaire, most of the oversea visitors were here for purchasing vending machines, components, looking for supplier, signing agreements with some producers, etc, which gave exhibitors various business opportunities. Judging from the situation on site, it could be told that most of our visitors were varied satisfied with the quality of the show and most of them enthused that they would love to attend the next edition.

Various Kinds of Vending Machines on China VMF 2017

One of the most impressive aspects of the show was the diversity of vending machines. A wide range of goods sold by vending machines could be found on site, from the most common ones to the most unconventional ones, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, lottery tickets, fresh squeezed juice, facial masks, hot meals, etc, which strongly indicated the trend of diversity.

2017 Asia-Pacific Vending Industry Summit Forum Concurrent Held Successfully

Gathering worldwide vending machine manufacturers, operators, food and beverage enterprises, distributors, agents, commercial real estate developers, delegates of purchasing departments, related financial and governmental institutions, media, etc, 2017 Asia-Pacific Vending Industry Summit Forum invited global experts to dissect the problems which the vending industry was faced with, and to enlighten their peers with their experience.

Mr. Aleksander Wąsik, President of Polish Vending Association, analyzed the present development and future prospects of Polish and European vending industry. Mr. Zhou Jianghua, Vice President of Ubox (Shenzhen) and Mr. Hu Le, CEO of

JOYI explored the integration between vending machines, and smart payment solutions and the internet of things. During a panel discussion, thought leaders like Mr. Yu Enze, President of Asia-Pacific Vending Industry Association, Mr. Aleksander Wąsik, President of Polish Vending Association, Mr. Zheng Zhengchun, Chairman of Council of Taiwan Society of Vending Machinery, Mr. Takeshi Ota, President of Tenma, Mrs. Kitasato Fuyumi, President of TKB and Mr. Luo Gang, from Jinyu Smart Technology, gave us their insights into the future development of Asian vending industry.

Drawing the Attention of Media at Home and Abroad

As the most influential vending exhibition in China, China VMF 2017 attracted the attention of the press at home and abroad. It has received publicity from associations such as National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA), Polish Vending Association (PSV), Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association (JVMA), Australian Vending Association ( AVA), Asociacion Regia Reguladora de Operadores Vending Activos(ARROVA), and so forth.

Besides, with a relatively high position in the industry, Vending Info, Autoxinxi, Guangdong Radio and Television Station, Guangzhou Television, TVS, Asia Pacific Economic Times, Nanfang Daily, New Express Daily, Vending Report from Germany, Vending International from UK, The Amusement Industry Catalogue from Russia, VENDING TIMES from America, Casino Life & Business, Casino Inside and Vending Inside from Romania, InterGame from UK, Your Vending from Ukraine, etc, also posted detailed reports before or after of the show.

China VMF 2017 has concluded with great success. If you are interested in the next edition, please follow our website or twitter for the latest development of China VMF 2018. You can also register as our exhibitor or visitor through the given information below.

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