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The Uncommon Launch UK First, Sparkling Wine In A Can

The Uncommon Launch UK First, Sparkling Wine In A CanSpring 2018 sees startup business, The Uncommon launch exclusively via Selfridges with a UK-first, English sparkling wine in a can, paving the way to venture where no glass bottle has gone before.

The Uncommon’s English wine is produced in line with the highest EU quality rating, Protected Designation of Origin, the grade given to Champagne and Burgundy or Stilton over here in the UK. The inaugural release is a lightly sparkling dry white, with notes of pear and elderflower. The wine is made from 100% Bacchus grapes, which are hand harvested from vineyards at the forefront of new biodynamic techniques, reducing the need for pesticides and chemicals. The wine is produced in Surrey, a mere 20 miles from The Uncommon’s Peckham HQ.

The Uncommon Launch UK First, Sparkling Wine In A CanBuoyed by the UK’s latest global sparkling wine accolades, founders Henry Connell and Alex Thraves escaped their 9 to 5s to create and grow a truly unique, contemporary wine brand that is unpretentious and fun, whilst raising the profile of English wine. Keeping the business within a 40-mile radius, Henry and Alex worked with a Surrey farmer to grow and pick the fruit; a winemaker to crush, press and ferment the grapes and a canner to break new ground for English wine. After 18 months graft, research and grape growing, they are very proud to be the first producers of canned wine in the UK.

The Uncommon are unique in their approach to convenience and wine wastage and aim to become the most sustainable wine brand in the country. The single-serve aluminium cans will help to reduce the billion litres of wine thrown away each year in the UK, fizz goes flat after just a day so it’s the perfect solution for bars, restaurants and cheeky toasts at home. The cans chill in just 15 minutes; they are endlessly recyclable and very lightweight meaning their carbon footprint is 80% lighter than glass.

When you consider that one billion bottles of wine are imbibed in the UK annually, Britain is the second largest consumer of Champagne (after France) and that we put away one third of all Prosecco produced, there is need for a light, convenient and easily recycled option. The average wine consumer is now younger and more adventurous, going to one or more of the seven thousand registered outdoor events held in the UK each year that prohibit glass, cans however are an ideal alternative.

So, whether you’re headed out for a summer’s picnic, popping to the beach, taking a mud bath at a classic festival or having a night in in front of Bake Off, The Uncommon is convenient, fast to chill, light in your pocket and awfully easy to crack open!

Find The Uncommon at Selfridges nationwide and online, as well as via the Uncommon’s own online store. Look out for the drinks in bars, restaurants and convenience stores, and soon in train stations and even aircraft.

Source: The Uncommon

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