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Big Boss Palm – A Game-Changing Mixer Arrives To The UK

Big Boss Palm - A Game-Changing Mixer Arrives To The UKBIG BOSS PALM is the world’s first coconut water soda. Now on sale in the UK following a successful stint in Dubai from  2015, the coconut and vanilla soda tastes incredible on its own served over ice and is also a very refreshing alternative to mainstream mixers.

Made from 99.5% not-from-concentrate coconut water and big on flavour, BIG BOSS PALM tastes like nothing else on the market. It’s like a deliciously grown-up, clean version of a cream soda, and while it tastes like a naughty soft drink, at only 3.5g natural sugar per 100ml it really isn’t. BIG BOSS PALM Coconut + Vanilla Soda is available for the wholesale list price of £1.18 per unit and is currently available from a selection of cafes and bars including Crosstown Doughnuts and Escape Cafe, Old Street. For more information, visit the BIG BOSS PALM website.

BIG BOSS PALM’s Coconut + Vanilla Soda delivers a citrus bite, followed by warm toasted coconut, smooth vanilla and an incredibly creamy finish from the coconut water.

Big Boss Palm - A Game-Changing Mixer Arrives To The UKAll of the coconuts that make up BIG BOSS PALM are proudly sourced from coconuts in Ratchaburi, Thailand where the nuts are renowned for their natural sweetness and rich flavour. Think the nostalgic taste of cream soda, but with a grown up twist that at only only 50 calories per can, tastes way naughtier that it is.

BIG BOSS PALM is best enjoyed ice cold from the fridge but it’s also the perfect alternative to the usual cocktail mixer and blends beautifully with most spirits whether it be gin, vodka or rum; add a twist of lime for extra zing or a sprig of mint for added freshness. For those looking for something a little sweeter, add a scoop of ice cream for a delicious BIG BOSS PALM Float.

BIG BOSS PALM is the creation of Ayesha Sherriffs, previously of Smiths of Smithfields, Fifteen, Century and The Hospital, London. Following a launch in Dubai in 2015, BIG BOSS PALM has made huge waves in the UAE with partnerships with Puma, Ray Ban, Coach and multiple venues in the UAE.


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