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Foodlife – The New Player in Beverage Industry

foodlife has decided to officially start furthering the “designed and made in Holland” foodlife brand on this year’s Fruit Logistica in Berlin, starting this Wednesday.

Foodlife - The New Player in Beverage IndustryAfter 20 years of trading under the JFPT (Jansen Food Processing Technology) name, of which the last 8 years the foodlife line of products was marketed within the wider range of 3rd party products traded through JFPT, this Wednesday foodlife will be officially launching the independent foodlife brand in the international marketplace.

Before JFPT was founded, the Jansen Family many years was more than active with the actual Vegetables and Salad products. This in its turn was the drive for starting to trade 3rd party machinery.

But over the years this product understanding more and more translated in not being able to truly facilitate the market with solutions which were best for the actual product circumstances resulting from the more conservative 3rd party manufacturers of equipment. This phenomenon translated in the actual development of foodlife; the best solution anytime, anywhere.

After 2 decades of trading and providing services, JFPT BV passes the honours over to foodlife group. foodlife group, which is being formalized this quarter, will consist of foodlife products, foodlife projects, foodlife services & foodlife brainz.

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