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Shuangta Foods Announces The Expenditure Plan Of Pea Protein

Shuangta Foods Announces The Expenditure Plan Of Pea ProteinYantai Shuangta Foods Co., Ltd. released a record sheet of investor relations activities, announcing that the company’s pea protein production capacity will expand at a rate of 20% per year in the future. At present, the company’s pea protein accounts for 30%-40% of the industry and will increase to Around 60%.

Shuangta is the chairman company of the Chinese vermicelli industry association. The traditional hand made vermicelli craft is applied by the company to the first batch non-physical cultural legency.

Shuangta Foods said that the company’s current production capacity of pea protein is 60,000 to 70,000 tons, and the pea deep processing project will be put into operation next year, which can add 15,000 tons of high-end protein production capacity and expand production at a rate of 20% every year.

It is understood that Shuangta Foods will upgrade part of the low-end pea production capacity to high-end pea protein production capacity based on the pea protein market in the future. High-end pea are mainly used in solid protein powder, energy bars, breakfast cereals, baked goods, plant meat and other fields. Low-end pea protein is mainly used in high-end pet food, high-performance fish feed and other fields. Among them, Shuangta Foods listed plant meat as the company’s key development direction.

Speaking of plant meat planning, Shuangta Foods stated that the company has hired a brand marketing planning team to carry out the overall layout of the plant protein meat marketing strategy; two independent teams have been set up to make full use of existing supermarkets, restaurants, e-commerce, etc. Channel resource management and operation of plant meat business. Two investor survey announcements issued by Shuangta Foods show that the demand for pea protein from downstream customers such as plant meat will increase significantly.

It is understood that in the first half of this year, Shuangta Foods takes diversified development as the core, by extending the industrial chain, vigorously upgrading the industry and product levels, vigorously promoting the development of circular economy, low-carbon economy and green economy, and strive to create high-tech, High value-added, high-efficiency enterprise.

Source: Yantai Shuangta Foods Co., Ltd.

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