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The Growth of Beer Market in the Future

The Growth of Beer Market in the FutureOne the alcoholic beverages which contains nearly 6% alcohol by volume is mainly known as beer, having key ingredients water, a source starch which helps in fermentation and scarification, a brewer’s yeast as well as flavors like hops.

To add bitterness in the beer, these flavoring such as hops are used, acting as a natural preservative. In the APAC region, beer is one of the widely consumed alcoholic beverages. In countries such as China and India, escalating drinking population is fueling the global market for beer in the APAC region.

An upcoming report on the global beer market by Persistence Market Research, titled “Global Beer Market: Asia Pacific Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020,” will illustrates the description of various recent developments influencing the growth of beer market globally. In order to analyze the growth in beer market, the report will be segmented on the basis of types, application, products and technology type.

Based on types, beer market can be fragmented into economy, mainstream and premium. Some of global key players in the beer market include Tsingtao Brewery, San Miguel Brewery, China Resources Enterprise, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Beijing Yanjing Brewery, and Asahi Breweries, among others building new ways for improving their technology so that they can retain their market competitiveness.

Globally few factors which are fueling the growth of beer market include increasing disposable income, enhancement in the beer quality, advertising and marketing related activities, and gradually increasing population base who consume beer. An enduring trend evident in growing as well as emerging markets in place of local and traditional spirits is the beer which is driving the market. Additionally, demographic swings towards urbanization along with growing taste inclination towards western culture in younger generations have also impeded the beer market.

On the basis of product differentiation, promotional and marketing activities, consumption rate of beer varies in mature markets. Beer market is also affected by factors such as weather, tax and duties, responsible-use programs, seasonality, demographics, perceived health effects, rules and regulations and the substitute product consumption. Usually, people in western region, drink beer along with their meals at parties and also in meetings. While the increasing no. of anti-alcohol campaigns is the key factor hampering the global beer market.

Historically, brewing had been a local industry and only few companies has a significant international presence. However, last few decades have seen rising consolidation in the beer industry where initial development took off in North America and Western Europe. Moreover, China have the largest consumption of beer in the Asia Pacific region, followed by Japan. Increasing population and more inclined towards western culture are the major factors for the growth of beer market in the Asia Pacific region. Countries such as India, Singapore and South Korea are the fastest growing market for beer in the Asia-Pacific region.

Source: Persistence Market Research

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