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Danone Waters of America Becomes Exclusive Distributor of Ferrarelle

Danone Waters of America Becomes Exclusive Distributor of FerrarelleDanone Waters of America, the North American bottled water importer and distributor, announced today it will sell, distribute and merchandise Ferrarelle, an Italian sparkling natural mineral water, as of January 2020 in the U.S. The long-term master distribution agreement will focus on building the brand in the U.S. and include Ferrarelle glass formats via on-premise channels.

Ferrarelle sparkling natural mineral water flows from the earliest source of volcanic origin in the territory of Riardo, in the South of Italy. It slowly originates from the underground rock layers of Parco delle Sorgenti Ferrarelle and after a 30-year journey, the rain water is enriched with several minerals emerging with natural fine bubbles. It is then reinforced with additional carbon dioxide coming from the same underground source to give Ferrarelle water its unique taste. The 100% natural effervescence and velvety sensation of its bubbles, perfectly balanced with characteristic minerals, such as calcium and bicarbonates, makes Ferrarelle the perfect complement to fine flavors of outstanding cuisine.

“Ferrarelle is a global brand with great potential in the U.S. market that complements our current portfolio of brands we distribute, including evian natural spring water and Volvic natural spring water,” said Henri de l’Epine, CEO, Danone Waters of America. “With its unique and delicate balance of bubbles, Ferrarelle is a premium water offering that pairs perfectly with evian’s unique taste.

Ferrarelle is committed to respect and preserve its natural origin. In addition to local planning and farming projects, the commitment includes a long-standing partnership with the Natural Trust of Italy to preserve its catchment area and encourage the public’s interest in the extraordinary architecture and landscape that surrounds the source.

Source: Danone

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