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Wellness Immune

Woman coughing and blowing her nose in autumnThere is a close correlation between zinc and the immune system, the latter being most sensitive to early signs of zinc deficiency. This means a sufficient supply of this important mineral is important, particularly in winter, when the risk of sickness and infection is higher and the immune system is weaker.

Together with iron, copper, and selenium, zinc is one of the components of “Wellness-immune”, a Dr Paul Lohmann’s premix specifically thought to support the body’s natural defenses.

This premix is a grey-greenish powder, with a slightly metallic flavor, ideal for the formulation of drinks (e.g. “Near Water”, tea, fruit juices), foodstuffs, dietary supplements and dietetic foods

Wellness Immune complies with the new Health Claim Regulation, all its composing minerals contributing to the normal function of the immune system.

Wellness Immune is distributed in Italy by Giusto Faravelli SpA.

For more info about the product please contact our Nutra Division: dietetico@faravelli.it


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