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Amazing Forest – Quality Brought To You From The Forest

Amazing Forest - Quality Brought To You From The Forest

Amazing Forest is a brand of pure organic birch water and variety of berry juice based in United Kingdom. However, products are made in Belarus. All products contain ingredients which were harvested in the forest which perfectly represents the name of the brand. Today I have a pleasure to talk with Pavel Shparkovich, Co-Founder of Amazing Forest.

When did you launch Amazon Forest? How the idea was born?

We started our birch water journey as a distributor for Byarozavik, and very quickly realised that the market required birch water with no added sugar. So we developed our own product with nothing added and for that created Amazing Forest brand and company.

There are many beverage categories. Why birch water?

Honest answer would be that birch water  chosen us, we never planned to do it until we saw how popular the product was becoming and decided to be a part of it. Suppose we just ended up in a right place at a right time and acted on it.

Amazing Forest Birch Sap – Goodness From The ForestIt is said that birch water is the next big thing after coconut water. Do you agree with this?

The industry is calling it like that, though I think it is because birch water is relatively unknown in the western world, so they naturally looked for the most similar product. We are similar in benefits and mineral content to coconut water, however taste is different and we have much lower natural sugar and calories in the birch water.

How many flavors do you have?

We started with birch sap, and for the show we doing we always take few different product made from berries to get the opinion of the industry professionals. Right now we will be concentrating on birch water and developing bilberry/blueberry drink made only from berries with nothing else added.

What is the current status of your startup? Where do you sell it?

We are working on finding distribution partners in UK and already have few companies in Europe placing orders. For now product will be available on Amazon form mid May.

Since you are a start-up, tells us what was the hardest thing so far?

I think not knowing anything to do with the industry was the hardest part…like being born again and learning to walk.

Amazing Forest Birch Sap – Goodness From The ForestWhere do you see Amazing Forest in 3 years? And when do you think you will be able to call yourself a success story?

In 3 years, I see us being in majority of retail shops in UK and Europe, with high sales to other continents as well. Also we plan to have few more products available under our brand. The forests are truly amazing, and offer us a lot of natural products and our aim is to share it with the world restoring the natural link between our bodies and nature.

Which other birch water brands do you see as as strong competitors? What advantages you think you have against them?

There are a lot of interesting brand around, at the moment I am grateful for their pioneering efforts in increasing the public knowledge about the product. We have 100% pure birch sap, which offers the consumer the true taste of the sap and we think that makes us differ from the rest.

For more information visit Amazing Forest website.

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