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ORO – Luxury Water Awarded With Golden Medal

ORO - Luxury Water Awarded With Golden Medal

Source: ORO

Tell us few words about yourself.

Izaac Trpeski and Megan Trpeski are the founders of the brand ORO LUXURY WATER. The master brand creators behind ORO are Husband and Wife team. Izaac has proud Macedonian heritage with 15 years experience as a creative in the Advertising industry and Megan who has Latvian ancestry, married into and loves the Macedonian way of life, has over 10 years of sales driven experience representing global brand.

When and how did you start your company?

The ORO LUXURY WATER brand officially launched in 2015 in Australia after years of research and energy. Megan and I started it after we saw a gap in the fine dine market to produce a brand which had everything we personally wanted in water and that was the natural carbonation and high magnesium levels and to have it paired with food and wine alike. With our experience in Advertising/Marketing and Sales, we thought that our complimented traits was the perfect ingredient to start our own brand from the center of the world where mother natures gift, water, is truly amazing.

Where does the water come from?

The water comes from the Macedonian Alps in south-eastern Europe and more precisely on the slopes of the Kozjak Mountains situated north-east from Kumanovo.

Which attributes make ORO LUXURY WATER stand out from the other brands found where water is sold?

A few major unique selling points which not many brands possess are: Natural Carbonation in which this is very rare as there are only a hand full of these sources found in the world. Our source comes from an Artesian Aquifer 200m below the earth and is formed over >8,000 years ago developing through layers of rock formation. ORO LUXURY WATER is a natural product associated with the sources terroir and unique characteristics very similar to wine. Another significant point about ORO is that it is a mineral water with one of the highest amounts of Magensium naturally found in the world. This again is extremely rare and important for all humans.

ORO - Luxury Water Awarded With Golden Medal

Source: ORO

Magnesium is the single most important mineral for our daily intake and good for stress, anxiety, muscle cramps, digestion just to name a few, so this water is not only premium but also very healthy for us. ORO LUXURY WATER has up to 340 mg/l of Magnesium which is equivilant to our daily intake. It also has a very high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of over 3000 mg/l which means it’s a total combination of all minerals found in the water.

The light mouth feel of our award winning water reflects the natural carbonation. This combined with crisp and smooth tasting notes, makes it perfectly paired with meat, cheese, dessert and fine wine. Our goal is to educate consumers how to actually drink our water with the full dining experience and be regarded as the “champagne of waters”.

Why did you decide to use the name ORO?

ORO in latin means gold. Simple and pure. We like to think of our water like a rarity similar to gold. For locals in Macedonia it would have dual meaning which is dancing in a circular formation or to dance in an “ORO”. This is also beautiful in the fact that the circular dance formation creates unity similar to the natural carbonation in the water.  We wanted to capture a global meaning yet one respecting the Macedonian traditions too.

ORO LUXURY WATER was recently awarded a medal at an international competition. What was it that captured the tastes of the judges?

The International Fine Water Tasting Competition which was held in Guangzhou China last month saw over 100 international reputable brands compete. With a panel of 5 Internationally renowned water sommeliers, they judged all waters on merit of clarity, smell, taste and minerality.

We managed to be victorious in the Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water category beating some major brands which was an astonishing achievement for such a new brand that is ORO LUXURY WATER. The gold medal will now be printed on our new labels which will grab the attention of global consumers and further strengthen our mark as a truly amazing mineral water brand.

Can ORO LUXURY WATER be purchased in Europe?

At this stage not yet. ORO LUXURY WATER’s inital goal was to start in Australia and to test the waters and it’s market so to speak. In 1 year of being in the market we’ve managed to go Australia wide in every major city and state. Our sights on Europe will follow in good time and it will further help establish ORO LUXURY WATER and Macedonia for that matter as the best place where water for human consumption derives from on the planet. Macedonia is truly gifted in great resource and water is definitely no exception. We want to drive this home to all lovers of water.

What are your future plans about the brand?

ORO - Luxury Water Awarded With Golden Medal

Source: Oro

Since coming away with an international gold medal for Best Sparkling Water in the world, it really has opened up doors for ORO LUXURY WATER so to speak. We have had an influx of interest to start exporting from Macedonia to China, Russia, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea and Kuwait. No the work really begins and we are thrilled to make this happen. These are alot of markets to enter in the first year of establishing our great brand however we are prepared and ready to take this to the next level and put Macedonia on the world map.

Once we fulfill our Asian obligations with entering their market, our sights will be set on parts of Europe, America and ofcourse possible selective areas in Macedonia itself so the people can have the opportunity to try this water.

For more information visit ORO website.

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