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UCE Juice – Never Ending Boost

UCE Juice - Never Ending BoostNowadays, there is a huge variety of different functional beverages in the market. Recently, on Twitter I found UCE Juice, a beverage product full of healthy ingredients. Today, I am speaking with  Founder  of UCE Juice, James Anderson about his beverage product.

I have read the short story about that morning in 2007 when UCE Juice was born as an idea. Could you tell us more about how a joke turned into a beverage business?

The first step was doing my homework on the highly competitive beverage industry and seeing if UCE JUICE could actually work in the market. I found a company who could wrap my idea around a can and I used that as my prototype to give people the feeling that I was serious and this was real. I formed a TEAM with my brothers and we found a product development company called Power Brands who we consider our mentors showing us the ropes, helping us to navigate on our new journey!

UCE Juice has only one flavour, which is called Taro Twist. However, it has so many different ingredients that it’s more than enough. Can you tell us more about the mixture and ingredients of Taro Twist?

We wanted to incorporate our culture and things we grew up on staying true to our Polynesian roots and making UCE JUICE a reflection of our people. So many drinks have ingredients you can’t even pronounce better yet having to look in the dictionary to figure out what it is. So we made it simple and easy so consumers know what they are consuming.

UCE Juice - Never Ending BoostUCE Juice drink isn’t just another juice drink suitable for kids. What are the benefits of UCE Juice? Describe your ideal consumer.

Some of the benefits of UCE JUICE are you get a Natural Sustained Boost without the jitters and crash of an energy drink. It’s All Natural with no chemicals, no artificial flavors, no synthetic caffeine no preservatives. It’s good for memory, concentration, & promotes overall well being. Our ideal consumer is 15-35 yrs of age with active social calendars. Those on the go looking to excel in the arena of Life.

UCE Juice social media accounts seem pretty active, with great pictures and videos. As the owner of UCE Juice, what values does social media bring to your brand? Which social media platforms can bring the biggest value to beverage startups?

The value of social media is that it’s a free platform and the new word of mouth to spread awareness about one’s product or service. You can reach all 4 corners of the earth by building networks and connecting with so many around the globe who are looking for you. I would say every social media outlet has value. There are different crowds and circles in ig, fb, twitter, snapchat, etc. that one can take advantage of and tap into. The biggest thing is to stay relevant and in the conversation. By promoting through social media you can definitely reach heights never imagined faster than in the days of old.

UCE Juice - Never Ending BoostWhat is the hidden meaning behide the design of UCE Juice‘s packaging?

UCE derives from the root word USO which means Brother in Samoan! Our Unique Tribal pattern designs that represent, God, Family, Culture, Heritage, Foundation, Strength, Unity, Peace, was important to showcase so people could become more familiar with Polynesia. We take pride in where we come from and wanted to share it with the world one bottle at a time.

Looking at the number of your followers, it seems UCE Juice is still on the road to success. What are the hardest things in the beginning? Can you share your biggest mistakes since the launch in 2010?

I would say belief in yourself! Taking a dive off the deep end is scary and majority will never attempt. Once you find the courage to tap into your inner greatness your life will never be the same again. Another thing is capital. Finding the resources to turn a dream into reality is not a walk in the park but how far are you willing to go to achieve what is manifested in the mind? As you gravitate towards your goals, doors will open up, but you just have to trust the process and believe in the one who sent you.

UCE Juice - Never Ending BoostI would say not having a credit score. I literally started with a zero and had to build it up so that I could go after lines of credit and financing. If I had a score it would have helped speed up the process but since I didn’t have anything to show for, starting from the ground up taught me so much as I bootstrap and self fund the operations. I don’t really see any mistakes because I am a firm believer in things happen for a reason and if that is the case then I am grateful for every experience I’ve been through thus far because it has helped shape the Man I am becoming.

On the official website it says that Uce Juice is ,,…not just another drink.”. What exactly does that mean?

We say it’s more than just another drink because we are trying to motivate and inspire others to Dare to Turn Their Dream into Reality! UCE JUICE the product is the avenue towards our message of hope and belief that anything is possible if you are willing to put in the effort required. It’s about making an impact in someone’s life in a positive manner and helping them achieve feats they thought were impossible by simply renewing our minds and believing that we are more than conquerors!

UCE Juice - Never Ending BoostWhat advice can you give to those who have an idea but might not have enough courage to start their own beverage company?

My advice to any entrepreneur is to live with no regrets. Time will pass regardless, so if you are scared to build your dream then you will be hired to help someone else build theirs. Life is too short to not do what we love or go after something we are passionate about. We were created to do some amazing things and it would be unfortunate if you get to 65 years of age and you look back and say I should of, could of, would of. Don’t be one of these people.

For more information visit UCE JUICE website.

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