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A Fun Way to Enjoy a High-end Happy Hour Anywhere

A Fun Way to Enjoy a High-end Happy Hour AnywhereBlue Marble’s line of all-natural, pre-mixed cocktails come in compact 200 ml cans, making them easy to store and carry. The line includes wide-ranging flavors from the classic Vodka Soda and Bloody Mary flavors to the more exotic Marble-rita and Cosmo. Each cocktail contains 15% ABV and boasts no artificial flavors, dyes, preservatives, or sweeteners.


Marble-rita was one of our favorite Blue Marble flavors. The effervescent blend of ultra-premium tequila, lime juice, and a hint of salt come together to deliver a perfectly balanced margarita experience. This small can packed a punch and mellowed nicely as the ice we poured it over melted slightly. This fun summery cocktail would be a perfect addition to your beach bag for an afternoon in the sun.


We were impressed by the quality of the orange juice flavor in this cocktail. It was sweet and citrusy with a kick of smooth, premium vodka. Not watery at all, this cocktail blended nicely with ice for an easy-to-sip treat, perfect for pairing with a morning brunch.

Bloody Mary

Another morning classic, the Blue Marble Bloody Mary was zesty and peppery, just the way we like it! We wouldn’t add anything to this blend, except for ice, and maybe a pickle or olive for fun. Smooth, savory, and perfect for sipping, the Blue Marble Bloody Mary rivals any other pre-mixes we’ve tried.

Vodka Soda

This light and refreshing beverage cuts the wonderfully smooth vodka with just a slight hint of lime. Blue Marble Vodka Soda brings a convenient and flavorful take on a traditional summer classic. We love that this carbonated combination doesn’t require you to open and add soda water, which always seems to go flat before you use it again! Blue Marble Vodka Soda would make an excellent companion on any summer afternoon outing.


The Blue Marble Cosmo was definitely on the sweeter side and was a little heavy for our taste. We would recommend adding a splash of water or waiting for your ice to melt a little before taking your first sip. The bitter cranberry and tart lime deliver an intense and flavorful experience that coats your mouth and lips. With its light pink color, this festive cocktail makes for a fun and festive addition to a night on the town.

Overall: We can see why these little cans have won some big awards. Blue Marble Cocktails are convenient, artfully-crafted, beverages that make it easy to bring cocktail hour away from the bar to wherever you want to enjoy a great-tasting drink.  We also love Blue Marble’s commitment to supporting global awareness, conservation, and environmental initiatives.

For more information visit Blue Marble’s website.

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