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Poptails by LAPP – A Frozen Cocktail For Hot Summer Days

Poptails by LAPP - A Frozen Cocktail For Hot Summer DaysLooking for something interesting to try this summer? Poptails by LAPP might just be the thing for you! Created for adults, these poptails are the perfect combination of your favorite cocktail and frozen sorbet. LAPP gives a colourful, playful image and refreshing taste to its customers. Today, I have the opportunity to talk to Poptails by Laura Faeh, the Co-Founder at LAPP.

How did you came up with such an extraordinary idea?

The idea came while Cecilia was working for a Vodka brand, trying to promote this one by offering an innovative way of drinking it. She found the idea on Pinterest and started making some with Laura her flatmate in their kitchen.

Would you describe Poptails by LAPP as frozen cocktails or as a sorbet with the taste of the most popular cocktails of all time?

Poptails By Lapp Launch Trio Of Gourmet Alcoholic Sorbet Lollies

A frozen cocktail! It is definitely a cocktail that we freeze; you can definitely drink it the mix as well, we just think it is

funnier and fresher as an ice lolly.

What were the biggest challenges during the creation of your sorbet line?

To choose among all our different recipes and to guess which ones would please people the most. It is always hard to know when it comes to tastes.

Right now there are 3 different flavours of Poptails by LAPP. What new flavours are in development?

We are always creating new flavours especially for the bespoke enquiries. We have a lot of recipes and will surely develop some new ones for the next season. My favorite one is the Limon one (Limoncello, Lemon and Coconut Milk). It is unusual, fresh and the coconut milk balances perfectly the lemon.

Right now, your product is available in the UK and France. Are you planning to spread to other countries?

Yes definitely, probably somewhere hot in Europe such as Spain or Portugal.

Your product marketing concept looks really fun, playful and colourful, just the thing for the perfect summer we all dream about during the winter. Who or what inspired your concept?

Poptails by LAPP - A Frozen Cocktail For Hot Summer DaysOur product reminds adults to their childhood. We really wanted to give our brand a nostalgic and retro feeling. We were really inspired by the 80’s. This probably comes from the funk and disco music that we have always listened to.

As a startup brand, what was the most helpful thing you received from the food and beverage community during the first year?

None of us come from the food and beverage community and don’t really know anyone form the industry. We just have to learn as we go. On another note, someone once told me that your product will always be successful if it tastes good and you’re not cheating. This is very true.

What advice could you give to someone who is considering forming a food and beverage startup?

Make sure to be aware of all the regulations and requirements around the product you want to launch before launching it!

For more information visit Poptails by LAPP website.

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