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Celebrate Menopause with a Glass of Mood Swings Wines

3_ Product shot(1).PNGFirst of all, I would like to say that your product name is very unique and interesting. Can you tell us how Mood Swing Wines started?

It all started with my best friend going through the dreaded “M”Word. One day I had gone to her house and she was crying uncontrollably I found there was no way I could console her and I thought well I know one thing that makes her happy, it’s wine. I ran to the store in desperate search of something that would make her smile, something that would give her a laugh but nothing on the shelf was worthy of her symptoms of menopause and her crazy mood swings.

As a result of my unsuccessful search I showed up with our “go to wine” we finished the bottle but it never stopped her tears and I left feeling so bad for her. It wasn’t till I drove home and got myself settled in bed that evening that it dawned on me  after my quick web search that there is nothing in the marketplace that would embrace menopausal women, give them a laugh and maybe even help them take their mind off of menopause for a minute.

The names for my current wines came almost immediately and in the process of developing I came up with several other fun names that will be used when my line increases.

After that evening I found myself thinking about, dreaming about, praying  and researching thinking what a line of wine for women going through menopause would look like.  I knew I needed to do it, I needed to begin what I knew in my heart of hearts would be a huge success. The names of my wine, the label, the message are everything I ever wanted and more.

Did you have any experience in beverage industry before you established Mood Swing Wines?

My only beverage experience is thoroughly loving wine. I have to say I have learned a lot, and I’m still learning a lot. Having a great idea is one thing but the amount of money,licenses, paperwork, time and energy that goes into it I never expected. I wouldn’t  trade any of it though, I’m truly the happiest I’ve ever been and the best version of myself and I’m living proof with hard work dreams really do come true.

Celebrate Menopause with a Glass of Mood Swings WinesTell us more about consumers of Mood Swing Wine? Who are they? To whom you are selling it?

The wine names are very relatable, symptoms if you will. Memory Lapse Merlot, Zin-O-Pause, and Covers Off Chardonnay. The beauty of Mood Swing Wines is every woman on the planet regardless of age knows what menopause is and can relate.

My consumers are women of all ages. Young girls are buying it for their mothers going through menopause, women going through menopause are buying it for themselves and while laughing out loud giving it as a gift to the perfect girlfriend.

Older women love it too and response I hear the most from them is ” been there done that”.

I’m really happy men enjoy it too, they are brave and strong. When men buy my wine I always get a funny story or two behind their purchase.

Celebrate Menopause with a Glass of Mood Swings WinesWhy did you decide to use menopause topic in your communication?

As I mentioned before there is nothing like it in the marketplace, and menopause still isn’t talked about much. I wanted to be a voice, I wanted to give women something to laugh about. I know first hand the symptoms of menopause are no fun but I believe that during this season of life, and every season, women should be celebrating and embracing who we are and what we have been given. Take it on the chin and keep enjoying life, especially wine.

Why not celebrate, laugh at and make fun of the challenges menopause brings us? Menopause Shmenopause.

So our thighs rub together, we sleep in the wet spot, we tweeze hair from our chin, we find reader glasses affixed to our head, we sit by a fan in the winter months, send sheets flying off the bed, get a little snippier at people, and forget someone’s name… It’s not all that bad right?

How does Mood Swing Wines contributes to local breast cancer charities?

I have watched too many of my close girlfriends and loved ones lose their lives to Breast Cancer. Some are still fighting that very courageous fight.  At times I feel completely helpless:  I’m a good friend, a great listener, and I’m there for plenty of love and hugs, but I want to do more.

I want to honor these inspirational women and show them that what they are going through is more than courageous.  So that is why I started my own campaign, Wine -Not Fight the Fight.

I have a sparkling peach wine affectionately called Estrogen Bubbles that honors these brave people. The back label speaks of strength and honors those that have been effected by breast cancer.

In addition to having a bottle of sparkling wine that honors them I wanted to be able to contribute back financially so I chose a local charity here in Chico called Celebration to give a portion of my proceeds to. I love that my campaign is taken off so well, I actually have two other people that are doing a Wine-Not Fight the Fight in their area and donating to their local charities, this blesses me.

You have an impressive list of contributors. Can you please tell us more about those women? What is in common between you and them?

Celebrate Menopause with a Glass of Mood Swings WinesThe common thread between myself and my contributors is that we are all like minded, we are creative, we are driven and determined. We want to share with others our dreams and be an inspiration to many. My relationship with Menopause The Musical is a match made in heaven, my wine will featured at their show in Las Vegas all year round very soon. I can’t begin to express the amount of joy that comes with that.

My relationship with Dr. Michelle Gordon is an exciting one. She created the new television show Life.Matters on the FYI channel. The show follows seven women in various stages of menopause that go on an adventure of a lifetime to Spain to show that menopause is not the end it’s just the beginning. The big bonus she features my wine throughout the show.

“I choose to be unstoppable, I love the life I live, I’m passionate about my dreams and the dreams of others. I trust my intuition and I live a courageous life. What ever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.”

For more information visit Mood Swing Wines website.

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