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Avoid the Sugar Spike with Good Idea Drinks

Avoid the Sugar Spike with Good Idea DrinksGood Idea drinks are delicious functional water beverages that help reduce blood sugar spikes after meals, and avoid that post-meal crash! These are a sparkling water beverage invented in Sweden with added amino acids and chromium. And the results are scientifically proven. With over a decade of research behind it, their blend of five amino acids and chromium reduces blood sugar spike after a meal by 25% on average. Good Idea drinks are a perfect choice with your meal for those who feel like they’re always falling asleep at their desk post-lunch.

Good Idea drinks are also a healthy choice, with no sugar, no sweeteners, and no calories. It’s all natural, too. The beverage comes in three fruity, fizzy flavors (Orange/Mango, Lemon/Lime, and Dragonfruit) which makes it a great alternative for people who would usually drink a sugary soda. They come in an easy- to -transport aluminum pop-tab can, and the 12-oz serving is easy to consume in one sitting, so we don’t take any issue with not being able to reseal the packaging. The can design is clean, bright, and refreshing—just like the drink inside—with brightly colored paint strokes splashed across a white can. This drink looks appealing on the shelf and is sure to be a popular choice among health-conscious people looking for new functional beverages.

Avoid the Sugar Spike with Good Idea DrinksOrange/Mango

This flavor would add a perfect bubbly splash to breakfast. The bright orange paint strokes on the can hint at the fresh, citrus flavor inside. None of the Good Idea drinks are too sweet (they have no sugar or sweeteners), and this flavor is no exception. It’s a subtle, tangy orange/mango flavor that’s enhanced by the sunny scent that escapes the bubbles as you first open the can!


Probably the most “classic” of all three flavors, this one tastes just like your favorite fizzy water with a splash of real lemon and lime, but with the added blood-sugar regulating benefits of Good Idea! We thought this one was refreshing, clean, and pure. Those who aren’t fond of any sweetness at all will enjoy this flavor, but it isn’t sour or bitter.


The most exotic of the bunch, we love the vibrant fuchsia accents on the can for this flavor. This flavor might look loud, but it falls in with the subtle flavors of the rest of the line nicely! This one is not overly sweet or fruity either. It’s delicious sparkling water with just a hint of a sweet, tropical dragon-fruit flavor.

For more information visit Good Idea Drinks website.

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