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The Mixture of Age-Old Wisdom And Modern Lifestyle

The Mixture of Age-Old Wisdom And Modern LifestyleAncient Nectars is a line of snack-drinks that aims to bring the flavors and benefits of ancient health foods like oats, quinoa, chia, and maca. Most of these ancient foods are experiencing a revival right now, but Ancient Nectars brings a fresh take to the table by adding ancient grains and roots to their fruity drinks. Each Ancient Nectar flavor comes bottled in a sturdy, slim 275 ml clear glass bottle with a metallic screw top. We like that the clear bottle allows you to see the fruit juice and other goodness inside, and it also serves as a visual reminder to shake the drink. This is important since ALL the flavors of Ancient Nectars we tried had quite a bit of settling. We didn’t mind, since it’s to be expected when using ingredients like seeds and grains. Just make sure to shake consistently while drinking! The labels are fairly muted and medicinal, appropriate for a health drink. Illustrations of key ingredients on each label make it easy to differentiate between flavors, even without reading text.

Pineapple Juice With Chia

This flavor is a beautiful golden color, with plenty of chia seeds visible floating throughout. Chia has become a popular “superfood”, and we liked the texture that the seeds added to this flavor. The pineapple flavor is subtle and not too sweet, and the chia seeds left us feeling like we just ate a good snack. This would make a perfect pick-me-up between meals! Unlike typical energy drinks, this one is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber!

Apple Juice With Quinoa

This is one of the most unique flavors in the Ancient Nectars lineup. We appreciate that they went for a “spiced” apple flavor with cinnamon and clove instead of sticking to a more traditional apple juice flavor. Like the Pineapple Juice With Chia flavor, this one is subtle and not-too-sweet. The quinoa is much thicker than chia seeds, and drinking this one feels more like drinking a breakfast porridge. The texture may not be for everyone, but it did leave us feeling full, and we thought the apple spice flavor made sense with the hearty texture of the drink!

Pineapple Juice With Oats And Quinoa

The Mixture of Age-Old Wisdom And Modern LifestyleThe texture of this flavor was the most difficult for us to get past. The drink has a nice, mellow pineapple flavor, but the oats and quinoa make it VERY thick. Chunks of pineapple add even more texture, and all together it became a bit much for us. For fans of a hearty, drinkable oatmeal, this may be right up their alley! Again, we did feel full after drinking, and feel as though the drink would give us an energy boost!

Maca With Honey

Our favorite of the Ancient Nectars line, this drink has a warming and soothing honey flavor. Like the rest of the drinks in the line, this flavor is not overwhelmingly sweet. The maca powder mixed well into the drink, giving the Maca With Honey flavorless texture than others in the range! This flavor tasted good and made us feel good, though maybe not as filling as the others! They’ve hit an excellent balance of flavors and textures in this one!

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