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Heartsease Farm Lemonades By Radnor Hills

Heartsease Farm Lemonades By Radnor HillsHeartsease Farm Lemonades are all-natural lemonades in plastic bottles with a standard neck. The bottle size is 425 ml and has an attractive paper label. The colours used in the design are simple and clean, providing a natural image.

Heartsease Farm Lemonades By Radnor HillsRaspberry lemonade

The pinkish-red colour of this drink aligns well with its raspberry flavour, which is derived from hibiscus and carrot extracts. After opening a bottle, you can smell a fresh, sweet raspberry aroma. Tasting the drink offers a sweet and sour flavour with light carbonation and full mouth feel with a strong note of raspberry. This strong taste and texture comes from juices and sugar.

Heartsease Farm Lemonades By Radnor HillsApple Rhubarb lemonade

The matching colour looks very natural, and the drink is slightly turbid. The main aroma comes from rhubarb juice. However, the main taste profile is from apple juice with a slight note of rhubarb. The taste is pleasing and strong, and the texture is well balanced and goes very smoothly with the beverage’s light carbonation.

For more information visit Heartsease Farm Lemonade website.

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