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Bai Unveils Bai Black, The New Generation Of Carbonation

Bai Unveils Bai Black, The New Generation Of CarbonationBai Brands, the makers of Bai, Bai Bubbles and Antiwater, today announced the introduction of Bai Black. A line of carbonated beverages with traditional soda flavors, Bai Black delivers a classic in a can with ingredients you can trust.  Available nationwide in January 2017, the Bai Black lineup includes Kohala Kola, Simbu Citrus, Rioja Root Beer, Jambi Ginger Ale and Colombia Cream.

Bai Black is made from the finest ingredients, like natural cola, vanilla and sassafras.  As with all Bai products, Bai Black is infused with antioxidants from the coffeefruit.  Each can has five calories, zero grams of sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Bai Black also contains about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of green tea. This means you can enjoy classic soda flavors without the classic drawbacks like sugar and artificial sweeteners.

“Bai was built on larger idea: to change the way the world drinks,” said Bai Founder and CEO, Ben Weiss. 

As we continue this quest, we are excited to introduce a new line of carbonated beverages that daringly defies convention.  With Bai Black, we’re reinventing the way classic flavors can be consumed.  We’ve created a product that satisfies soda lovers’ desire for bold, delicious flavor without the guilt.”

The “yin” to Bai Bubbles’ “yang”, Bai Black brings a new dynamic to the Bai Brands carbonated portfolio.  While Bai Bubbles sparkles with bold fruit flavors, Bai Black is an alternative for anyone looking for traditional flavors without sacrifice.

Source: Bai Brands

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